The Do’s and Don’ts of Buying a Private Jet

The Do’s and Don’ts of Buying a Private Jet

Following the pandemic and its effects on travel, awareness and need for flexibility and control that flying privately provides has dramatically increased. As the largest international buyer, seller and trader of business jets, Jetcraft holds a unique position in the industry, situated between the traditional aircraft broker and manufacturer. With over 55 years of expertise behind them, Jetcraft offer their top tips on buying a private jet, whether a first-time buyer or an experienced regular:

DO consider your needs - Where do you want to fly to? How many people will be traveling at any one time? What’s your budget? Talk these through with an expert, before starting to look for the best aircraft to ensue all your needs are met.

DON’T disqualify an aircraft due to cosmetics – Although it may seem natural to gravitate towards details such as the colour of the paint or leather, changing cosmetics is relatively simple and inexpensive compared to the overall cost of the aircraft.

DO consult the experts – Although it sounds self-serving, the best tip is to work with a trusted advisor. In this challenging market, it’s especially important to work with a representative who can source aircraft from around the world, offer early access to inventory before it hits the market and help buyers plan, budget and negotiate the very best deals quickly and efficiently.

DON’T buy blind and try before you buy - If you haven’t flown in that model before, consider finding a charter company that operates the aircraft type and test it out on what would be a ‘typical’ mission for you. You can also test out different models or manufacturers, so you have a feel for how big the cabin is, the comfort of the seats and the noise levels.

DO choose your crew - This is an important factor as they’re going to be on the aircraft every time you fly so make sure they are handpicked to your needs and taste. You can even go the extra mile, and take your pet onboard, providing they have the relevant permits to travel!

Jetcraft has been in business for 60 years, completing more than 750 transactions worth $12.5billion in revenue during the last decade. Their industry leading expertise in aircraft sales, marketing and deal management guarantee their clients access to the support needed for a smooth transaction. With more than 20 offices worldwide, Jetcraft are never far from their clients and have an unparalleled ability to provide timely market intelligence in every critical locale.

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