The Future of Private Aviation is Here: Imagine the Perks of Aircraft Ownership, Without the Liability

The Future of Private Aviation is Here: Imagine the Perks of Aircraft Ownership, Without the Liability

According to a 2022 report by Wiser Advisor, tax planning and mitigating tax liability is one of the biggest concerns that ultra-high net worth individuals face. An increasing number of executives and high net worth individuals are looking for ways to mitigate their expenses, and reduce the number of assets on their balance sheet. Thus, the once alluring world of private aviation ownership is becoming less appealing.

But that doesn't mean elite travelers are willing to give up the freedom and flexibility of aviation ownership. Make no mistake - they still want to travel when they want, and how they want.

So what's the solution?

Moving from aircraft ownership to a transportation solution model is becoming an increasingly viable option for many high net worth individuals. Four Corners Aviation has created an unprecedented suite of services in their Corporate Jet as a Service program, allowing users to experience all the freedom, flexibility, and convenience of whole ownership, without all the headaches, privacy concerns, and expense.

With the Four Corners program, the aircraft isn't leased; it's owned by Four Corners, meaning it's not listed as an asset on the client's balance sheet.

Better yet, clients get the same aircraft, same crew, and same facilities every time they fly, which gives the program a distinct advantage over charter services. That means there's no more dealing with multiple contracts or privacy issues—clients get a streamlined operation that's easy to manage.

"With charter, even with a floating fleet provider, you are never guaranteed the exact same aircraft each time you fly, and you are certainly not guaranteed the same crew. With the ‘Freedom Program’ you are guaranteed exactly that. Same aircraft. Same crew. Every time you fly. You are also guaranteed a cost transparency; this is always a variable with charter that comes with many surprises," explains Vincent Kavanagh, the Executive Vice-President and Head of Sales for Four Corners Aviation.

Four Corners has created a solution to the age-old problem of owning a luxury jet. Their revolutionary new model allows executives and high net worth individuals to experience the same level of service, aircraft, and crew they’ve come to expect, every time they fly; while simultaneously eliminating headaches and reducing hassles.