The Greenbrier to Host Women's Wellness Weekend

The Greenbrier to Host Women's Wellness Weekend
The three-day event begins on Friday, June 3, with an anti-aging reception, where participants will have the opportunity to explore cosmetic surgery with board certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon, Michael S. Kluska, D.O., FAACS, FACOS. Allergan, the makers of world-renowned cosmetics, including Botox and SkinMedica, will also be on hand for the reception, which will take place in The Greenbrier's Chesapeake Bay and Terrace.

Saturday, June 4, will include a full day of activities, beginning with lab work from 7 a.m. until 8:30 a.m. Participants will schedule an appointment at The Greenbrier Clinic for a full panel of blood work, including blood counts, sugar, cholesterol, thyroid function, vitamin levels and more. After a healthy continental breakfast, participants can then take part in a private fitness class and a lecture with The Greenbrier Clinic's registered dietitian, Connie Gottshall.

The afternoon includes a healthy cooking class and luncheon, physical examinations with either Dr. Kelly K. Redden or Dr. Martye L. Marshall and an optional appointment with Dr. Kluska.
The final day, Sunday, June 5, includes breakfast, a meditation walk, more scheduled appointment times with the doctors and another lecture from Gottshall, The Greenbrier Clinic's registered dietitian.

Participants will check out happier (and perhaps healthier) at 11 a.m., Sunday.

The cost of the weekend, which includes accommodations for two nights, is $1,403.20 for a single occupant. Discounts are available for double, triple or quadruple occupancy. The price without accommodations is $1,091.04 per person.

To book your Women's Wellness Weekend experience, call 888-565-6640 and select option 2. For more information on the weekend, The Greenbrier Clinic or The Greenbrier Clinic doctors, visit