The Hemingway House: A Hidden Gem in Hermanus

The Hemingway House: A Hidden Gem in Hermanus

Nestled on the rugged cliffs of Hermanus, with the vast Indian Ocean as its dramatic backdrop, The Hemingway House stands as a testament to elegance and tranquility.  As you approach the house, the first thing that strikes you is its seamless integration into the natural surroundings. The stone-clad house exudes a sense of timelessness, as if it has always been a part of this rugged landscape. The architecture is both striking and inviting, with large windows that open to the stunning views of the ocean and mountains.

Hemingway House pool

Upon entering The Hemingway House, one is greeted by the welcoming embrace of a stylish interior that perfectly balances rustic elements with modern luxury. The decor is characterized by natural materials—wood, stone, mudcloth and linens—that create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, blended with the occasional assortment of nautical-themed accents that nod to the region’s rich maritime history. The color palette is inspired by the surrounding environment, with soft earth tones evoking an air of understated luxury that whispers rather than shouts.

Hemingway House bedroom

All five king ensuite rooms are the epitome of elegance, designed with meticulous attention to detail. The furnishings are a harmonious blend of South African crafted pieces and coastal-inspired elements, with light, airy fabrics and tasteful artwork adorning the walls including original artwork painted by the owner, a tech entrepreneur and artist. Large concertina glass doors open to uninterrupted views of the ocean, allowing natural light to flood the rooms, and offering a front-row seat to one of the most spectacular whale-watching spots in the world. It’s not uncommon to spot Southern Right whales breaching and frolicking just offshore, a sight that never fails to elicit awe, especially when viewed from the jacuzzi overlooking the Peacock Blue ocean.  The house is equipped with all the modern conveniences to ensure a hassle free stay, including Nespresso coffee makers in each bedroom, Africology toiletries, high speed internet and a solar-inverter system.

Hemingway House Jacuzzi

The outdoor spaces at The Hemingway House are as captivating as the interior. A second floor outdoor patio overlooks the ocean, furnished with comfortable teak sofas and outdoor dining furniture. This is the perfect spot for al fresco meals or sipping on a gourmet cappuccino, while watching the mist burn off Walker Bay, and the sky turn from hazy pink to vibrant orange across the ocean stretching out before you.  It is a truly sublime experience.

The private garden, lush with indigenous plants, provides a serene backdrop for relaxation. There’s a sense of peace here, where the only sounds are the sounds of birds and the distant crash of waves.

Hemingway House pool

Tucked away in a charming stone courtyard, an inviting heated pool dotted with red and white pool pillows beckons travelers to immerse themselves in tranquility and offers a welcome respite on windy days.  Teak loungers and beautifully arranged pots of vibrant plants surround the pool, evoking a sense of an exclusive oasis.

The home’s position on the cliff path provides unparalleled access to one of Hermanus’s most cherished features. This scenic Cliff Path meanders along the coastline and stretches almost 12 kilometers, offering stunning vistas at every turn. It’s a perfect place for a leisurely stroll, with the crashing waves below and the fynbos-covered cliffs rising above. The path leads to secluded coves and pristine scalloped beaches, each with its own unique charm.

A short walk from the guest house brings you to Voëlklip Beach, a favorite among locals and visitors alike. This beach is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and surfing, with its golden sands and clear, invigorating waters. Further along, Grotto Beach, a Blue Flag beach, offers an expansive stretch of sand ideal for long walks and family picnics or breakfast at Dutchies. The beach’s backdrop of mountains and dunes adds to its scenic allure.

Hermanus itself is the quintessential charming seaside town, brimming with natural beauty and a vibrant culture.  Located just 120 kilometers from Cape Town and known for its vibrant art scene and gastronomical delights set along the dramatic coastline.  The quaint shops, art galleries, and cafes, are a delight for the curious traveler.

Hermanus coastline

For the more adventurous, Hermanus provides ample opportunities for outdoor activities. From hiking in the nearby Fernkloof Nature Reserve to kayaking or kite-surfing in Walker Bay, there is no shortage of ways to immerse oneself in the natural beauty of the area. The reserve, with its extensive network of trails, offers breathtaking views of the coastline and a chance to encounter the unique flora and fauna of the Cape Floral Kingdom.

No visit to Hermanus would be complete without exploring the nearby wine regions. The Hemel-en-Aarde Valley, just a short drive from The Hemingway House, is a wine lover’s paradise. This valley, whose name translates to “Heaven and Earth,” is renowned for its world-class vineyards and stunning scenery. The cool maritime climate and diverse terroir create ideal conditions for producing exceptional wines, particularly Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Visiting the local wineries is an experience in itself, with many offering tastings, tours, and gourmet dining in picturesque settings.  Horse riding to Bosman’s Framehouse is a unique experience that will surprise and delight guests with vast views of the valley and excellent lunch options.

The Hemingway House, with its idyllic location and refined ambiance, serves as a perfect base for exploring all that Hermanus has to offer. Whether you’re savoring a glass of wine on the terrace as the sun sets over the ocean, or embarking on a whale-watching excursion, this guest house provides a haven of comfort and elegance.

Hemingway House fireplace

As the evening descends, the guest house takes on a magical quality. The soft glow of lanterns illuminates the courtyard, and the gentle sound of the ocean creates a serene backdrop. The two bars and wine cellar become a hub of conviviality to enjoy local wines or mix an old-fashioned.  Guests are spoilt for choice with five sitting areas, two bars and a wine cellar - all luxuriously decorated and inviting.

Hemingway House pool

The Hemingway House is a beacon of elegance and tranquility and an invitation to experience the beauty and charm of Hermanus in a setting that combines the best of luxury and hospitality. From the impeccable decor to the breathtaking views, every aspect of the guest house has been thoughtfully designed to create an unforgettable experience.  Whether you’re exploring the cliff path, relaxing on the nearby beaches, or indulging in the local wine, The attentive housekeeper Violet is always ready with a warm smile and helpful suggestion, enhancing the feeling of being in a home away from home.

The Hemingway House provides a sanctuary of luxury and refinement. So, pack your bags, set your sights on Hermanus, and let The Hemingway House be your guide to an unforgettable journey.  To book The Hemingway House, email or book on Airbnb at