6 Hottest Fitness Trends this Season

6 Hottest Fitness Trends this Season

One of the best things about exercise and keeping fit and healthy in general is that there is always a new trend you can get on board with. New trends and fun fitness fads can do one really positive thing, and that is to help you to stay motivated and interested in the task at hand. Of course, all of the core basics of a healthy diet and exercise regime are never going to change, but that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy some new fads every now and then, right? Without further ado, here are some of the hottest workout trends for this season.

  1. HIIT Workout on a Treadmill

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, has been popular for a few years now, but only recently have people started turning to the treadmill to combine the two disciplines. A HIIT treadmill workout, like this one for example, isn't for the faint-hearted, but it can certainly burn major calories and give you that sought after feeling of post-workout euphoria!

  1. Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is exactly what it sounds like - doing yoga in a room with a purposefully elevated temperature. You will get steamy and sweaty during a session, but with that sweat also help eliminate lots of toxins from your body, leaving you feeling amazing and revitalized after a good class.

  1. Spinning

Spinning class has increased in popularity in the past few years, and it is so fun that most people get addicted. Class takes place on a stationary exercise bike and you are guided and motivated to stay on pace by an enthusiastic instructor. This one is all about feeling the camaraderie of the room!

  1. CrossFit

If you want to try a little bit of everything and love a challenge, then CrossFit is most definitely the trend you should be trying. A mixture of intense cardio and weight training builds your stamina and tones your body like no other form of exercise can. But don't be scared, there are entry-level opportunities for beginners.

  1. Boxing

Boxing as exercise has really seen a rise in popularity of late, especially among women. It is a great way to be active and get your cardio and strength training in whilst also having the opportunity to release any pent up anger or frustration that you might have in your personal or working life. It's a productive way to release any kind of tension you might be carrying.

  1. Barre

Barre is a very trendy type of workout right now that incorporates elements of dance, yoga, Pilates, and strength training to provide an overall improvement for body and mind. It is ballet-inspired so if you ever had a childhood yearning for dance lessons, then barre might be the perfect form of workout for you!

The general trends we have noticed suggest that workouts are getting shorter and more intensive to keep up with the schedules of modern life, and many of these trends can even be practiced to some degree from the comfort of your own home with fitness apps.