The Latest Yacht Charter Market Trends for 2022

The Latest Yacht Charter Market Trends for 2022

The latest yacht charter market trends highlight how charter yachts are growing in popularity as the world’s wealthiest seek highly personalized services and private escapes. A superyacht offers a self-sanctuary at sea, one that offers an experience with resort-style amenities and a crew dedicated to ensuring five-star service at sea.

According to Mordor Intelligence, the yacht charter market was valued at US$15.69 billion in 2020 and is set to grow significantly over the next few years. This trend can be attributed to the surge in private wealth and the “COVID effect” that fueled explosive growth in yacht sales and the yachting industry over the last few years.

The “escape” appeal that COVID ignited allowed families to isolate, quarantine and get away from any potential dangers on land. These factors funneled down into the charter yacht market, setting off a new popularity and excitement focused on exotic cuisines, amenities and experiences of the rich and famous. Today’s yacht charter market trends demonstrate that charter guests seek yachts that ensure limitless levels of luxury at sea.

Here we explore some of the latest yacht market trends, from super-sized mega yachts for multi-generational family holidays to dedicated wellness zones and state-of-the-art cruising technology that offers unparalleled levels of comfort at sea.

Yacht charter market trends 2022

Larger yachts

large yacht

Charterers are seeking larger yachts than ever before due to a surge in multi-generational holidays. Following several years of lockdowns, the world’s wealthiest are passionate about spending the holidays with loved ones. The world’s largest yachts accommodate large numbers of guests, while still offering privacy and comfort. Typically, the larger charter vessels offer more amenities and a higher crew to guest ratio.

Dedicated wellness zones

yacht wellness zones

The latest yacht charter market trends show that an increasing number of charterers seek wellness experiences at sea, with a surge in demand for yachts with fully equipped wellness zones, including gyms, spas, hammams, and yoga studios. The world's wealthiest yacht charterers also seek personal trainers, yoga experts, masseuses, estheticians and nutritionists. The attraction becomes a vacation while enabling guests to keep up with their fitness and diet regimen while at sea.

Enhanced comfort with marine stabilizers

Enhanced comfort

Charterers now seek the utmost comfort at sea, the latest yacht market trends show, vessels with marine stabilizers, specifically zero-speed stabilizers, particularly sought-after. This state-of-the-art technology provides a boat with stability at zero-speed, at anchor and underway. This can be particularly advantageous with charterers seeking to explore remote destinations where they may encounter the most instability or seasickness at slow or zero-speeds. Quality marine stabilizers also offer enhanced safety and the added value of protecting onboard assets.

The latest tenders and toys

The latest tenders and toys

Today’s yacht charterers seek the latest tenders and toys to maximize their enjoyment on the water, including jet skis, inflatables, stand up paddleboards, diving equipment, submersibles, and jet packs. A yacht tender enables charterers to explore hidden coves and beaches or small villages and towns, often only accessible to small boats. Additionally, yachts with helicopters enable guests to travel easily to exhilarating on-land adventures, such as heli-skiing or exploring remote jungles.

Advanced onboard technology

The latest onboard technology enables yacht charterers to enjoy interactive activities with the vessel and itinerary as well as a wide array of smart yacht experiences. From fast and reliable broadband access to popular streaming services such as NetFlix and gaming consoles to state-of-the-art onboard entertainment systems, yacht charterers now seek yachts with technology built into the vessel's fabric, enabling them to enjoy the latest state-of-the-art technologies.

Flawless security

The world’s wealthiest seek yacht charters where they know they will feel safe and can be reassured that they will enjoy a highly discreet and private experience. Security is, therefore, of the utmost importance, according to the latest yacht charter market trends. Yachts that are in demand include those that offer elevated levels of onboard security, including trained crew, professional CCTV systems, and marine anti-drone technology.

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