The Living Costs in Dubai - All Luxury Apartments

The Living Costs in Dubai - All Luxury Apartments

Generally, there is no such thing as “inexpensive accommodation in Dubai”: housing prices are quite high, but what can we expect from the richest city in the world?

Thus, lovers of luxurious 5-star hotels in Dubai must be ready to pay from $500 USD per night and this amount can reach more than $10,000 USD.

Cost of life in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is a relatively expensive country. Everyone who is going to live here will have to get used to such terms, especially if you are aiming at a full life, and not a miserable existence in some shack, saving on everything you can. Abu Dhabi and Dubai are considered to be the leaders in the cost of living in the UAE. If you want to reduce the cost of accommodation and food, you should choose other emirates, or at least not the capitals of these regions, but provincial towns.

Dubai is an attractive emirate for living in many ways. There is a wide range of vacancies and business opportunities, a dynamic real estate market that generates lucrative offers for residential and office buildings. There are many ways to have a good rest, there is a developed public transport system and many other advantages. In addition, Dubai is practically a tax-free jurisdiction, thus, you do not have to be afraid that government levies will “eat up” the lion's share of wages or income from business activities.

A few years ago, Dubai occupied only the 90th position in the ranking of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. Everything changed when prices for buying and renting real estate began to skyrocket in Dubai. In just a year, the capital of the emirate moved to the 67th line of the rating, entering the three most expensive cities in the Middle East, with which only Tel Aviv and Beirut can compete. It is possible that the crisis that is beginning in the real estate market and has led to a decrease in the price of rent and purchase of residential and office properties, will reduce the cost of living in Dubai. In the meantime, this city cannot be called cheap, so expats should look for work with high enough wages or try to squeeze the maximum profit from their business. Then they will be able to create decent living conditions for themselves and their families, and they will not have to save on everything.

5 things to spend money on in Dubai

1. Accommodation

Dubai, unlike Abu Dhabi, can offer expats a wide range of residential properties at a variety of prices. If you want to save money on buying property in Dubai for expats, then it is worth buying or renting one-room apartments closer to the outskirts of Dubai. The most expensive areas in Dubai are Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residences. You will have to pay at least 50 thousand dirhams to rent a small one-room apartment for a year here, an apartment with one or two bedrooms will cost at least 100 thousand dirhams, a villa with 4-5 rooms - from 250 thousand dirhams.

2. Transport

Using the metro, buses and taxis, you can get to any corner of the UAE. The cost of public transport services in the UAE is very reasonable. A single bus ride around the city will cost you from 2 to 5 dirhams. If you constantly travel by bus around the city, then it makes sense to purchase a monthly pass, which costs about 200 dirhams. The cost of one trip depends on its duration: the minimum price is 1.8 dirham; the maximum is 5.8 dirham. You can buy a car for 50 thousand dirhams. But the real delight of immigrants is the price of fuel, because one liter of gasoline costs about 2 dirhams.

3. Food

Dinner for two people in a good restaurant costs 150-200 dirhams. If you cannot imagine life without home cooking, then you can cook yourself, especially since food prices in Dubai are quite acceptable: a dozen eggs costs about 10 dirhams, cereals - from 7 dirhams per kilo, vegetables and fruits - from 5 dirhams per kilo, bottled water - a little more than 2 dirhams for 1.5 liters, a loaf of bread - from 4 dirhams, etc. But what is really expensive in Dubai is alcohol: you will have to pay about 70 dirhams for a bottle of wine, and about 30 dirhams for 0.5 beer.

4. Utility costs

In addition to apartments prices in Dubai itself, regardless of whether you buy it or just rent it, you will have to pay utility bills. The public utility in Dubai cannot be called cheap. For example, if you live in an apartment with a total area of 80–85 square meters, you will have to pay about 600 dirhams per month.

5. Medical insurance

Healthcare system in Dubai is great. There are many state-of-the-art hospitals and pharmacies with excellent professionals trained in Europe or the United States. But the Dubai healthcare system has one serious drawback: visiting a doctor, as well as buying medicines in Dubai, is quite expensive. The average cost of living in Dubai with full insurance is AED 10K, which covers even fairly serious cases, but you can find cheaper options.

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