The Pearl Laguna Celebrates 10 Years of Wellness

The Pearl Laguna Celebrates 10 Years of Wellness

The Pearl Laguna - a nature-based wellness retreat founded by noted wellness enthusiasts and yoga masters Geo and Katresha - is celebrating ten years of transformative living this month.

Located in the sage covered hills of Laguna Canyon just above Laguna Beach, Calif., the retreat opened in November 2009 and has since welcomed nearly 2,500 guests who enjoy week-long and multi-week yoga, hiking and cleansing retreats designed to restore the body, mind and spirit.

The 12-room, 14-bath Pearl Laguna is housed in a 6,600-square-foot stone mansion - featuring an airy ambiance decorated with orchids, seashells and quality organic bedding - and can accommodate ten to 12 guests a week. Under the leadership and vision of its founders, the retreat has flourished since its inception.

"Prior to meeting one another, we each had the same goal," says Geo, a renowned instructor and author of multiple yoga and wellness books. "In the 1970s I envisioned owning a retreat that combined strength, flexibility, endurance and awareness." Katresha - an in-demand wellness speaker who has launched her own skin care line - also had a dream that one day she would have a health farm where people came to get healthy and happy.

Fast forward to 2019 and the two have successfully melded their talents and brought their passion for yoga and a healthy outdoor lifestyle to Southern California.

"On one of our walls is a quote by Helen Keller: 'Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all,'" says Katresha. "For ten years, The Pearl Laguna has been our daring adventure and our motto for how to inspire our guests to holistically live their own lives."

The duo's recipe for success is a simple yet transformative one. Each day at The Pearl Laguna guests begin at sunrise with lemon water and power yoga. Guests are offered nutritious and organic vegetarian meals throughout the day along with activities such as canyon and beach hikes, rest and rejuvenation with indoor and outdoor saunas, daily foot baths, indoor and outdoor massages, workshops in tai chi, energy work, Pilates, a dip in the saltwater Jacuzzi or pool, weight training in the gym and a meditative facial with one of Katresha's hand-made masks from her own flower-infused, organic skin care line.

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