The Peninsula Paris Launches Theme Suites Inspired by Haute Couture

The Peninsula Paris Launches Theme Suites Inspired by Haute Couture
The three theme suites at The Peninsula Paris – the Peninsula Suite, the Historic Suite and the Katara Suite – have been meticulously designed and restored by France's most respected craftspeople. Each suite is the sum of centuries-old artisan techniques as well as the collaborative efforts of Henry Leung of Chhada Siembieda Leung and The Peninsula Hotels Group's in-house design team.

These three theme suites, ranging from 185 to 318 sq m (1,991 to 9,881 sq ft), embody all that is Peninsula service and tradition. Among the most spacious in Paris and the best equipped in the world in terms of technology, they offer a unique experience of refinement and service to a French and international clientele.

The Historic Suite and the Peninsula Suite, both situated on the hotel's first floor, offer the spectacular volumes and high ceilings typical of Haussmann buildings, where the first floor was known as the “noble” floor. Enhanced with security features, these are an ideal choice for high-level delegations and visits.

Situated on the hotel's sixth floor, the Katara Suite offers a 262 sq m (2,820 sq ft) rooftop terrace-garden with a breathtaking 360° view of the city and its most iconic monuments, as well as an 83 sq m (893 sq ft) balcony overlooking Avenue Kléber.

Here, French know how blends seamlessly with tradition and modern technology. Decorated with contemporary artworks, Art Deco furniture and antiques, no detail was overlooked. Communicating with another bedroom, this exceptional suite tempts guests to extend their stay and discover all the French capital has to offer.

The suites are all designed to allow guests to work or receive visitors without disturbing the intimacy of the bedrooms. In addition to their living rooms and night-time areas, each theme suite includes a fully-equipped kitchen for entertaining guests.

As with all of the hotel's rooms, The Peninsula Paris offers cutting-edge technology developed by The Peninsula Hotels' research and development office, setting new standards for customisation. Each guest can control the entire suite simply by pressing on a tablet pre-set in 11 languages.

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