The Private Suite is now PS.

The Private Suite is now PS.

PS reimagines the airport experience for the seasoned and discerning traveler.

Located in a private terminal far away from the traffic and bustle of the public terminal, PS offers a back door to your aircraft, along with seamless security and Customs clearance, as well as luxury amenities before and after your flight.

PS is a private terminal designed for first and business class travelers (and celebrities) seeking the highest convenience, privacy and luxury at LAX.

It allows travelers to go through private TSA screening and Customs processing, private suites for awaiting boarding and direct to aircraft transportation across the airfield – all while interacting with no more than five employees from start to finish. 

The exclusive terminal serves as the safest way to travel with all commercial airlines, transforming Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) into one of the world’s most convenient airports for people traveling in premium class.

PS at LAX is the first-of-its-kind in the U.S., modeled after VIP services that have proven successful at many major overseas airports including London’s Heathrow Airport, and airports in Munich, Frankfurt, and Dubai, among others.

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