The Privilege of a Luxury Personal Cinema

The Privilege of a Luxury Personal Cinema

The best seats are never taken. The concessions are free. The bathroom never has a line. If you fall asleep during the feature film, no ones going to know.

Having the space and funds to build out a private cinema is a lustful dream that many have chosen to pursue. With an increase of families reinvesting into their properties; personal spas, home gyms and home theaters are now more common than ever.

What brings a personal cinema it’s grandeur and appeal is the complete privacy, privilege and prestige that comes with owning your very own souped up entertainment space. Luxury is always personal and unique and nothing can compare to the luxury of having an entire movie theater completely personalized.

One thing that reigns supreme in importance to the luxurious experience of owning a home theater is … seating.

When you have the possibility of spending 3+ hours in one space, you want to make sure your seating selections are as comfortable and high grade as possible.

When you begin your search for that luxury seating, you will be lead to Valencia Theater Seating. An online ecommerce brand based out of Toronto, Ontario.

Valencia Theater Seating is widely recognized by their followers, youtube influencers and devoted customers as the creme-de-la-creme of home theater comfort. With more than 22 seating series to offer, Valencia has truly left no style behind. Making it incredibly easy to find the luxury seat fit for you.

Valencia came to the market in early 2000’s and immediately took over with their premium top-grain italian leather recliners. As the market grew, they shifted into a more high-end category with the development of their luxury theater seating.

Their seating is engineered to give the most ergonomic and natural support to each major point of its users body. Engineering their seats allowed Valencia to use the Leggett and Platt mechanism in wood and steel for a smooth and controlled recline. This is then topped with high-grade polyurethane foam that won't sink or sag with heavy use. Using high quality materials, Valencia can ensure each seat comes with longevity.

When you take a seat in a Valencia Theater Seat, you will be sitting on premium top-grain nappa leather that is smooth and soft to the touch. If you want a truly top-of-the-line movie throne, you can customize your seats finish to be covered with Gruppo Mastrotto leather. The same leather tannery that outfits private jets, Audi and Rolls-Royce.

After you’ve taken your seat, you won’t have to lift a finger. Luxury should be effortless and relaxing. Each seat from Valencia has cup holders and a motorized features controller on the side of the seat. Your comfort should be at the tip of your fingers and totally in control. To top it all off, some selections have heat, massage and LED lights bringing a completely elevated experience of relaxation.

After purchasing, each customer of Valencia is assigned a personal customer representative to assist with any and all questions. Valencia makes purchasing and receiving their products as uncomplicated and trouble free as possible.

From building to buying to enjoying, Valencia has their customers needs at the front of their thoughts. Carefully creating the best-in-show seating that gives a show stopping space to enjoy any feature films.

If you are building the luxury theater of your dreams, and are looking for seating to fuel future dreams… You can find all of Valencias seating styles here. You can expect full-service, no-stress and fair prices from Valencia for products that are priceless.