The Red Sea Project: Experience a Sustainable Paradise in Saudi Arabia

The Red Sea Project: Experience a Sustainable Paradise in Saudi Arabia

Imagine an archipelago of untouched natural islands scattered like gems across the east coast of the Red Sea.

Imagine a destination in which you can truly immerse yourself in the natural landscape. Dive in crystal blue seas surrounded by thriving coral reefs. Explore remote desert and mountain regions that still retain the romance of ancient Arabia.

Imagine relaxing in exotic spas caressed by gentle sea breezes or overlooking dramatic canyons. Or taking a mountain bike to explore ancient volcanic lave fields. Watching the sun set as you drift over ancient heritage sites in a hot air balloon. Or camping under the Milky Way and marvelling at the awesome majesty of the night sky.

There is one destination currently being developed where all this, and much more, will be possible. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a range of unique and extraordinary experiences whilst immersing themselves in the very best of Arabian culture and luxury tourism.

On the Red Sea Coast in Saudi Arabia, The Red Sea Project is making this vision a reality. This idyllic destination on the west coast of Saudi Arabia includes 200km of pristine coastline and beaches, dormant volcanoes, 90 islands and exotic wildlife habitats that support a diversity of rare and exotic creatures, from turtles and dugongs to falcons and desert wolves.

Beautifully complementing the destination’s natural surrounds will be a range of stunning hotels and resorts, that will provide guests with an exclusive, highly personalized level of service while contributing to the preservation and enhancement of this unique environment.

Visitors to the destination will experience a new level of seamless integration. The dedicated international airport will recognize you on arrival, dispensing with the need for immigration and customs queues. Your entire trip, including every location you want visit and each activity in which you want to engage can be tailored to meet your specific requirements before you arrive. Virtual concierge services will be complemented by the highest level of personal attention to ensure that your entire visit will be just as you like it.

Discerning modern travellers are as interested in the environmental impact of their lifestyles as they are in their personal enjoyment. As well as creating a one-of-a-kind destination, The Red Sea Project also aspires to be one of the most sustainable destinations in the world. Guests will be able to indulge their senses, whilst knowing that they are helping protect a truly unique environment.

The entire development process as well as the running of destination has been planned around strict sustainability principles. The destination will be powered entirely by renewable energy, completely carbon neutral in its operations, and free of single-use plastics.

So comprehensive is the attention to sustainability that the whole destination is forecast not only to preserve but to enhance the natural environment, creating a 30 percent improvement on conservation value over the next two decades through habitat protection and creation. Enhancing mangrove areas and introducing more than 15 million trees and plants will create new habitats and provide shaded walkways. All these plants are build cultivated at a dedicated nursery at the destination that is designed to minimise water use, reduce run-off and limit carbon emissions by reducing transport requirements.

The Red Sea Project will also implement a ceiling on visitor numbers to prevent over-tourism – a growing challenge for destinations the world over – enhancing visitor experiences and also protecting the natural environment for future generations.  

However, while sustainability is at the centre of TRSDC’s ambition, in an age where travellers are spoiled with being able to see stunning landscapes and incredible images from around the world, the pressure to impress with spectacle is higher than ever.

As unique as the natural environment is, however, the greatest appeal will be the opportunity to visit one of the few relatively unexplored areas of the world and enjoy the fabled hospitality of the Saudi people. This rich and ancient culture has been a centre of human civilisation for millennia and the destination is criss-crossed with historical trading routes and the artefacts of times gone by. To be among the first to experience this blend of modern luxury and traditional lifestyles will be a memorable life moment for those who have the chance to visit.

The development is due to be completed in 2030, but if that sounds too far away, the first phase will be completed by the end of 2022. It will include 14 hotels containing 3,000 rooms across five islands and two inland resorts, all of which will be powered by renewable energy. There will also be a yacht marina, leisure amenities and a competition-grade golf course with an unprecedented 15 coastal holes.  When complete, the destination will offer 8,000 rooms, across 22 islands and six inland locations, offering visitors from around the world a taste of Saudi Arabia they’ll never forget.

The destination will be the ultimate holiday experience, catered perfectly for the luxury traveller, allowing them to embrace nature culture and adventure. The Red Sea Project seeks to pioneer a new way of doing things – showing the world what is possible when environmentally-responsible tourism meets the ideal luxury experience.