The Reserve Club at Indian Wells - It’s a Feeling

The Reserve Club at Indian Wells - It’s a Feeling

There’s a story that has circulated at The Reserve in Indian Wells, CA, that perfectly captures what’s extraordinary about this premier private club and residential community. The story begins with a woman visiting The Reserve in advance of her husband’s arrival.

When the husband called to ask if his wife thought the 700-acre Reserve Club offered everything they desired in a new residence, her reply caught him off guard. “You have got to come here. You have to feel this.”

The feeling she referred to is the sense of serenity that washes over all who drive on to the entrance marked Reserve Drive. Homeowners, club members, and guests give in to an unexpected exhale as they connect with the presence of the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains, as well as with the pristine eco-system of the Coachella Valley’s living desert.

Reserve Golf Club in Indian Wells

Timing is Everything

Dating back to the 1950s, the Palm Springs area has enjoyed a magnetic draw for those who desire a golf community lifestyle. How is it that The Reserve’s spectacular acreage went undeveloped until its opening in 1998?

Founders Bob Lowe and Ted Lennon humbly deflect The Reserve’s timing as exactly that: good real estate timing. First, there needed to be willing sellers of the property located where the city of Indian Wells intersects with Palm Desert. Next the property’s features had to meet Lowe and Lennon’s criteria for a one-of-a-kind golf community located within a stone’s throw from El Paseo’s high-end shopping district. Finally, there was the crucial decision of finding the right golf course designer.

Only a select few designers owned the desert architecture expertise that was essential to The Reserve achieving long-term success. The aim was to create a golf community that not only adhered to the environmental integrity of The Reserve’s prime real estate parcel, but also maximized the mountain vistas that would become the property’s signature. It was believed that the Tom Weiskopf and Jay Moorish design team’s stellar reputation for building courses in the Arizona desert would translate into meeting and even exceeding The Reserve’s vision.

Reserve Golf Club in Indian Wells

Weiskopf’s First Visit

Weiskopf remembers his first property walkthrough as an exercise in unrefined terrain. “There was no landscaping and nothing but raw land. What was exciting is that I could see the positives. You could visualize how the canyons, dramatic vistas, and mountains would deliver an impact and amazing views,” Weiskopf said.

Today’s Reserve is the culmination of the blood, sweat, and tears that went into the early earth moving, the groundswell of support from the first home buyers, and the recent $10 million renovation project that delivered a brilliant 30,000-square-foot clubhouse. It’s amazing what can be accomplished during 20 years of innovation and maintaining the high standards that served as a cornerstone in the early days.

Reserve Golf Club in Indian Wells

Breathing Room

The Reserve’s mandate of unparalleled golf community living is evident in every nook and cranny of this picturesque enclave. Reserve homeowners became ambassadors who took pride in the fact that their membership hails from 32 states and five Canadian provinces. The words “low density” continues to be a key selling point when choosing this mountain amphitheater Shangri La.

With just 239 home sites, The Reserve offers breathing room at every turn. The Reserve’s limited membership means there is no need to secure a tee time. The coziness of the community’s numbers also translates into a congenial atmosphere for socializing, events, and making lasting friendships.

The Reserve’s location, extras, and amenities all boost an exceptional living experience. Residing in this extraordinary mountain setting means that daily views from your home, your patio lunch, or at the golf course offer the potential for experiencing a panoramic masterpiece.

The Reserve Golf Club in Indian Wells

Been to the Mountaintop

In the privacy of the Reserve’s location you’d never know The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens is your next-door neighbor. Imagine having giraffes, cheetahs, jaguars, camels, and ostriches just minutes away whenever you wish to entertain a niece, nephew, or a grandchild.  Also, the renowned El Paseo Shopping District with its rows of boutique shops, restaurants, and artwork is a convenient two-minute drive.

Ultimately, members choose The Reserve for the captivating feeling that occurs whenever they cross the bridge leading to the golf course, the clubhouse, or their new bungalow, casita, villa, or estate home. Nowhere is this feeling more evident than at The Mountaintop.

In a community that seems to anticipate your wildest residential dream, the Mountaintop Terrace sets a new standard. Taking sunrises and sunsets to a new level, The Reserve has created a sublime patio that’s carved from the mountains. Quiet time on The Mountaintop is guaranteed to deliver an oxygen-rush and a renewed appreciation for nature.

Reserve Golf Club in Indian Wells

The Feeling - Your Turn

Whether you discover The Mountaintop on purpose or by accident, the next decision is how to make the most of this panoramic perch. A cup of morning coffee, a good book, or celebrating the day with a glass of wine all makes sense from this idyllic overlook. It’s from this vantage point that you’re joined by the feeling, and you can’t help but want to share your good fortune. “The Reserve. You’ve got to come here. You’ve got to feel this.”