The Ritual Experience at Sky Lagoon, Iceland

The Ritual Experience at Sky Lagoon, Iceland

Pursuit has introduced The Ritual at Sky Lagoon, a seven-step experience inspired by the traditions of Icelandic bathing culture. Exclusive to the oceanfront, geothermal lagoon located minutes from downtown Reykjavik, The Ritual at Sky Lagoon will combine the healing powers of warm and cold waters, warm steam, dry heat and fresh air.

“The Ritual at Sky Lagoon will provide guests with an immersive and holistic approach to relaxation and wellbeing,” says Dagny Petursdottir, General Manager, Sky Lagoon. “The rejuvenating and transformative experience will enable guests to connect with mind, body and spirit through the radiant powers of geothermal waters.”

Sky Lagoon, drawing inspiration from the breathtaking and cinematic landscapes of Iceland, will create an oasis within the city. The multi-sensory lagoon will feature an ocean-side infinity-edge in addition to cold pool and sauna experiences. Its un-obstructed 70-meter (230 ft) infinity-edge will produce a visual effect that will blend into the ocean landscape.

Embracing simple and natural elements, the overall design of the experience is focused on a modern and minimal approach. Layers of grey-blues, deep greens, whites and creams mirror the dramatic and natural landscape, while the addition of textures like precious metals and wood create an infusion of warmth.

“The Lagoon’s design elements, influenced by Icelandic culture, create a distinctive guest experience with Icelandic turf houses and a restorative spa-like ritual rooted in Icelandic tradition. It is these traditions of bathing culture that are integral to the Icelandic way of life and are at the core of the Sky Lagoon experience.”

The Ritual at Sky Lagoon 7-Step Experience

Step One: Slow down, relax in the Lagoon

Enter through the cave-like entrance to the Lagoon. Step into the warm waters and relax. Breathe in the refreshing ocean air. Float through a breathtaking canyon to the infinity

edge and take in a view of Mount Keilir. Enter a state of serenity and calm where you feel relaxed and open to what is to come.

Step Two: Cool down with a cold plunge

Boost your happiness with cold therapy. Wander in the fresh Icelandic air. Or, if you’re brave, take a quick dip in the cold plunge pool. It will stimulate your immune system, decrease blood flow in the body and tighten skin.

Step Three: Relax with a view in the sauna

After your cold awakening, visit the sauna for five to 10 minutes. Allow the heat to open pores, remove toxins and cleanse your skin. While the heat works its magic, enjoy breathtaking views through the largest single window in Iceland and enjoy the sensory experience of gentle coastal acoustics.

Step Four: Refresh in an energizing mist

Next, balance the heat by stepping slowly through Sky Lagoon’s cold fog-mist space. It’s stimulating and rejuvenating for mind, body and soul. Take a deep breath and refresh your senses.

Step 5: The Sky Body Scrub

It’s time for re-invigoration. By applying Sky Lagoon’s signature Sky Body Scrub, your skin will be exfoliated and glowing.

Step 6: The steam room

Steam will once more open your skin, allowing it to absorb the key therapeutic elements of The Ritual and maximizing the hydrating benefits of the Sky Body Scrub. This warmth eases your breathing and improves overall body function.

Step 7: Shower and relax in the lagoon

Rinse off the scrub in the shower. Then, step back into the warm geothermal lagoon. Lean back, close your eyes, breathe deeply, feel the results and enjoy the moment. Let all the benefits of the journey set in. You’ll feel every single muscle in your body relax. When you’re ready, head to the Lagoon Bar for a refreshment.

“The restorative nature of wellness experiences such as Sky Lagoon will become much more meaningful as we begin to emerge from what has been an incredibly challenging year,” said David Barry, President, Pursuit. “The need to re-energize, relax and restore is integral to our both our physical and mental well-being and we look forward to introducing guests to the Sky Lagoon experience this upcoming year.”

Located in Kársnes Harbour, Kópavogur, just minutes from Reykjavik’s vibrant city centre and iconic urban landmarks, Sky Lagoon will showcase expansive ocean vistas punctuated by awe-inspiring sunsets, Northern Lights and dark sky views. The Lagoon will also feature an in-lagoon bar, dining experiences and unique retail offerings.

Pursuit will operate Sky Lagoon through the Icelandic entity Atlantic L ehf. (“Atlantic”). The new geothermal lagoon experience is anticipated to open spring of 2021.

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