The Ritz-Carlton, Budapest Debuts Farm-to-Table Dining

The Ritz-Carlton, Budapest Debuts Farm-to-Table Dining
Deak St. Kitchen, introduced in the recently opened Ritz-Carlton, Budapest, showcases the best of local ingredients, dishes and produce, alongside one of the city’s best selections of indigenous wines.

Known for its diversity, Hungarian food truly represents the history of the country. Whether that be the hearty, peasant food of the nomads, the influence of Italians and the Turkish in the 15th & 16th centuries or the later, sophisticated palate of the Austro-Hungarian empire, today’s dishes present a rich, distinct style.

Working with local suppliers, Deak St. Kitchen focuses on seasonal, national produce, ensuring guests enjoy the finest, authentic ingredients available. Continuing the farm-to-table movement, the restaurant grill serves the finest selection of meat and fish, which are offered alongside more traditional Hungarian dishes, including braised beef cheek, spätzle egg noodles, and paprika-marinated chicken.

Renowned specialist Hungarian ingredients are used throughout the menu, many of which add local flair and interest to more familiar dishes. Among these, mushrooms from the forests of the Bakony Hills, most often seen in the cooking of the Central Transdanubian region, are sautéed and served as a side dish, while Gomolya cheese, traditionally made by the shepherds in the Alfold and Transylvania, is grilled and used to finish top-grade burgers. Partly because the country is landlocked, pork has been a mainstay ingredient in Hungary for centuries and the Mangalica pig, with its 200-year-old domestic history, plays an intrinsic part of these dishes. Served as both chops and bacon in Deak St. Kitchen, the Mangalica pork is revered for its succulently marbled meat and distinct, flavorsome taste.

With over twenty wine regions, Hungary’s wine industry has increasingly diversified in recent years. Whilst many are familiar with Tokaj and its sumptuously sweet Tokaji Aszu, other regions are carving inroads into the international wine market. Deak St. Kitchen offers an unparalleled glimpse into the plentiful varieties, with almost 100 bottles of Hungarian wine available to enjoy, and a fifth of these also being served by the glass.

To delight both local and international guests alike, a sensory wine flight has been introduced in the bar of Deak St. Kitchen, giving a unique opportunity to sample seven wines, each representing one of the key regions of Hungarian wine production. Whether it’s a bright Sauvignon Blanc from Etyek with its nutrient-rich limestone, or an Olaszrizling from Hungary’s smallest wine region, Somlo, produced on a single volcanic hill of basalt rock, the hand-picked selection showcases the breadth and quality of Hungarian wines to its fullest. For those whose interest is further piqued to explore the local wine industry, The Ritz-Carlton, Budapest’s dedicated concierge team can arrange private tours and visits to some of the city’s neighbouring vineyards situated up in the cool Buda Hills, a potentially chilled respite to the summer heat.

The Ritz-Carlton, Budapest opened in April 2016, bringing contemporary luxury to Hungary as the brand’s entrée into one of Europe’s most alluring cities. Housed within an iconic historic building on Elizabeth Square in the heart of the city's cultural and shopping district, the luxury hotel features 200 elegantly appointed rooms and suites, along with an exclusive Club Level, two restaurants, and a soon-to-open Ritz-Carlton Spa.

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