The Scoop On Nice & Sweet’s Grand Opening Extravaganza

The Scoop On Nice & Sweet’s Grand Opening Extravaganza

On the sunny afternoon of March 20th, Nice & Sweet bakery hosted an invite-only, ‘Grand Opening Ice Cream Social’ event. As guests strolled into the charming venue, they were greeted with a delightful array of sweet treats that made their taste buds dance with joy. Perched at 7061 W. Sunset Blvd, the Nice & Sweet bakery is much more than what meets the eye. The highly anticipated ‘Ice Cream Social’ event was a happy gathering of light-spirited laughter and warm-hearted moments that will live on in the bakery’s history. Chris Sayegh, the talented head chef at Nice & Sweet, spent the evening generously handing out his best-selling treats alongside never-before-seen menu items from the cafe’s secret recipe book. Known for his culinary expertise and acclaimed cookbook Sugar High, it came as no surprise when sweet sensation partygoers learned that Chris designed the Nice & Sweet menu.

Upon entering Nice & Sweet, guests were greeted by a serene interior of baby pink and green decorations and fixtures. The minimalist design of the bakery, dreamt up by architectural designer Kellie Patry, provided visitors with an Instagram-worthy backdrop. Imagine this: the scent of freshly baked bread wafting through the air, enticing guests with aromas of buttery croissants and sweet pies. Nice & Sweet’s most well-known delight, the Fluffernutter Pie, quickly wooed the crowd with its flavorful layers of peanut butter and chocolate goodness. Another hit was the Horchata Cinnamon Roll. The hand-rolled cinnamon loaf is generously coated with creamy horchata glaze – homemade from the kitchen each morning. Served piping hot and baked fresh, the Horchata Cinnamon Roll doubles as a morning delight and an afternoon pick-me-up. The golden ridges that gently tuck into the base of the cinnamon roll are gently hand-kneaded each morning – promising each guest a heavenly bite.

Among the crowd-pleasers was the Canele, a classic French pastry infused with dark rum, tantalizing the senses with its carmelized exterior and moist, flavorful center. The Brown Butter Bundt Cakes with Caramelized Ganache were a sensation in miniature form, each cake oozing with a decadent Valrhona Caramelia Ganache and sprinkled with a delicate touch of salt. As guests continued to mingle at the event, the Creme Bruleé Donuts stole the spotlight with their irresistible temptation. These soft homemade donuts, fried fresh each day, were topped with a crackling layer of caramelized sugar glass. One bite revealed the luscious vanilla Bavarian cream inside, proving to be a hit with all those who took a taste. On a more savory note, ‘The Sisyphus’ sandwich was a masterpiece of roasted pork and diced chips spread upon freshly-baked bread, while spice-lovers enjoyed ‘The Frenchy’ – a delicious combination of fresh ham, warm swiss cheese, and house-made hot pepper jam that left taste buds tingling.

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In addition to the delightful spread of treats, the coffee bar was a hub of activity during ‘The Ice Cream Social Event,’ serving everything from classic hot coffees to creative iced beverages. Guests hovered around the coffee bar for unlimited tastes of the hand-crafted drinks made by the many incredible baristas at the event. Notable food influencers with widespread fan-bases posted stories and reels at the event, inviting other friends in the food leisure industry to enjoy a Nice & Sweet creation.

Guests danced the evening away to record-spinning DJ @maxfullard while relishing in the freshness of each baked good being delivered to them on wooden trays. From 4:00 to 8:00pm, the event buzzed with excitement as guests tasted the wide range of sandwiches and pastries being whisked directly into their hands. Even better, a convenient valet system was in place at the event to make parking a breeze – all guests had to worry about at the ‘Ice Cream Social’ event was whether or not they would be able to try every treat on display. As the sun began to set over Los Angeles, Chef Chris continued to delight attendees with bite-sized samples of soft-serve ice cream atop crispy buttermilk cones. The house-made vanilla and chocolate ice cream options offered the perfect cool and creamy conclusion to this sweet symphony of flavors. With its inviting interior, delicious treats, and expertly-crafted beverages, Nice & Sweet Bakery provides guests with an unforgettable cafe experience. Located at 7061 W Sunset Blvd, and open daily from 8AM-4-M, Nice & Sweet is set to become a beloved addition to LA’s expanding cafe scene.

Article By Olivia Nerpouni