The Spa at Trump SoHo Launches Birthstone Massages

The Spa at Trump SoHo Launches Birthstone Massages
When visiting on their birthday, spa-goers can treat themselves to the ultimate relaxation experience with a special age-based discount on a Trump Signature Gemstone Spa Treatment. For example, a guest turning 45 years old will receive $45 off his or her treatment.

The Trump Signature Gemstone Spa Treatments offer serenity through precious gem-infused oils combined with rare flower and herbal essences. The treatments include: Balancing Diamonds Massage, Purifying Emeralds Massage, Revitalizing Rubies Massage and Calming Sapphires Massage. Guests will leave rejuvenated, just as one should on their special day, and invigorated with the special qualities of their birthstone.

Pricing for a 90 minute Birthstone Massage is $295/weekday or $325/weekend, which does not reflect the birthday discount. To book a treatment at The Spa at Trump SoHo, please call (212) 842-5505 or e-mail

Balancing Diamonds Massage

Diamonds have been used since ancient times to balance the crown chakra, providing clarity, inspiration and enlightenment. The oils used in this massage are infused with the healing
benefits of precious diamonds and botanical essences saturating the skin and creating the ultimate indulgence.

Purifying Emeralds Massage

Emeralds are said to hold the energy of the earth, integrating harmony, compassion and well-being. Precious emeralds represent the heart chakra and are infused into the oils used in this massage, inspiring the healing benefits of essential herbs and flowers.

Revitalizing Rubies Massage

The deep reds of the ruby represent the grounding principles of the root chakra. When in balance, the body is invigorated and vivacious, stimulating stability and creativity. Oils containing the infused properties of rubies are used to revitalize the body, clear negativity and reveal an uplifted inner self.

Calming Sapphire Massage

The Sapphire's rich indigo blue represents the third eye chakra, symbolizing wisdom and inner peace. Experience stillness and quiet thought during this healing treatment. Oils are used that inspire tranquility and calm your mind, leaving you in peace.

Catering to both locals and guests, The Spa at Trump has amassed countless accolades since its debut at Trump SoHo New York in August 2010. Providing a calming counterpoint to the bustling Spring Street below, the 11,000-square-foot spa encompasses the seventh and eighth floors of the sleek hotel and introduces to the Manhattan spa market the Trump Personal Intentions, sought-after products, Kate Somerville treatments, and a selection of services created specifically for its SoHo locale. The Spa at Trump also features the first authentic luxury hammam in New York City, affording spa-goers a rare opportunity to experience the traditional cultural bathing rituals of Turkey and the Middle East.

To book a treatment at The Spa at Trump, please call (212) 842-5505 or e-mail For more information on the hotel, please visit