The Top 5 Accessible Luxury Spa Breaks Around the World

The Top 5 Accessible Luxury Spa Breaks Around the World
For these people in particular, having a luxurious spa break is more essential than ever, not only offering them pain-relief from their impairment, but also allowing them to join in with friends and family and take some precious time out for themselves. There’s no need to worry though, as there are numerous accessible spa breaks on offer all across the globe, with facilities allowing people with disabilities to enjoy nourishing treatments just like everyone else, regardless of needing mobility scooters or wheelchairs.

Coworth Park Spa, England

Whilst traveling abroad for a break is always a favorable option, sometimes it can be better to stay within your home country and save your hard-earned pennies – after all, luxury spa breaks aren’t going to be cheap! Upon arrival, you will already be stunned at the gorgeous landscapes surrounding the resort, with grass and contemporary architecture to leave you in complete awe. That isn’t the best part though, as there excellent wheelchair access facilities for people suffering with a disability, so you are able to head off into your pamper session without a fuss!

Punta Islita, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a favorable place for all kind of breaks, from honeymoons, general holidays and, you guessed it, spa breaks! The resort is surrounded by stunning wildlife, so you can swing in your hammock whilst listening to the monkeys swinging through the trees with birds perched at the top happily chirping. The spa here focuses entirely on a sensuous experience, so you can have your blissful treatments and feel utterly spoiled. When having your spa break here, there are 2 accessible rooms to choose from, both located on the ground floor so you don’t have to worry about traveling there. Plus, if you thought things couldn’t get better, they have a shuttle that gets you safely down to the beach – result!

ICON Hotel, Czech Republic

The staff at this spa break really know their stuff, offering expert treatment to all visitors. Whilst located in Prague, you can find a range of different spa treatments here, from Balinese to Thai massages, giving you a totally different experience on your spa break. For those with a disability, there is a deluxe room specifically for you, equipped with an accessible wet-room to allow you to bathe with ease, with handrails and a shower seat to make your entire spa experience seamless. Plus, with many limited mobility activities around the city of Prague, you can make your entire trip a memorable one thanks to the facilities provided.

Cape Weligama, Sri Lanka

As people in a mobility scooter or wheelchair will know, confined spaces are an absolute nightmare, and often hotels and resorts don’t provide them with the space that they need. This isn’t the case in this Sri Lankan spa break though, as the high-spec rooms have ample of space for navigation, making your life much easier. You can order private in-room spa treatments, giving you the tranquillity that you’re looking for in the form of massages, scrubs for facials. As with different residences adapted for guests with a disability, you can’t go wrong at this spa break.

Aria Hotel, Budapest

When you travel to a luxury spa break, you’ll want to ensure that they completely blow you away, and the Aria Hotel will do just that for you. The décor here is exceptional, as well as the gadgetry provided for your own leisure such as iPads, and even electric blinds to prevent you from moving too much and straining yourself. Plus, the staff are as helpful as possible, ensuring that your experience is outstanding and flawless. When staying here, you can reside within the Signature Room, with wheelchair-accessible facilities as well as a roll-in shower for extra ease.

Finding an accessible spa break might seem impossible, but we promise it’s easier than you think! With destinations dotted all around the world, you’re guaranteed to find a spa that not only allows access for those with a disability, but also offers luxurious treatments to make you feel a million dollars.