The Tropics to the Arctic: Abercrombie & Kent Private Jet Trip for 2016

The Tropics to the Arctic: Abercrombie & Kent Private Jet Trip for 2016
Around the World with Geoffrey Kent by Private Jet: The Tropics to the Arctic (May 1 - 26, 2016) is a nearly month-long journey designed and hosted by Kent himself, aboard an exclusively chartered private jet equipped with 50 fully lie-flat, first-class seats – and featuring destinations not yet on the radar of most travellers. Beginning in the Tropics, with eye-opening visits to Colombia, French Polynesia and the Solomon Islands, continue to the Philippines, one of the best places on earth to see whale sharks. Then experience a way of life on the Mongolian steppes which has changed little since the days of Genghis Khan, before exploring two cities built by great conquerors, Samarkand (Tamerlane) and St. Petersburg (Peter the Great). The adventure ends in Greenland, where the sun never sets at that time of year.

This unique routing was developed by Geoffrey Kent while travelling on an A&K Private Jet journey last fall. “Our guests were talking about places they dreamed of visiting when the idea for this itinerary began to form,” explains Kent. “I was inspired to weave together destinations that intrigue me, partly due to their remote locations, but also for the remarkable experiences I knew we could arrange in places like Mongolia and Uzbekistan. I expect this to be one of the greatest adventures of my life, on par with my solitary trek by motorbike from Nairobi to Cape Town when I was 16 that started my career in travel.”

The small group size of no more than 50 guests allows for an itinerary packed with privileged access and invitation-only events such as a traditional bride-price ceremony in the Solomon Islands, a private street market in Colombia, and a special presentation of the Naadam Games, Mongolia’s traditional contests of archery, wrestling and horsemanship – all arranged exclusively for A&K’s Private Jet guests.

Also for 2016, A&K will once again offer its best-selling Private Jet Journey, Around the World by Private Jet: Islands, Savannas & the Amazon (October 17 – November 11, 2016), designed by Geoffrey Kent and featuring some of the most remote places on earth. As testament to Kent’s expertise in planning these epic adventures, this itinerary quickly sold out the previous two years it was offered.

Private jet travel with Abercrombie & Kent makes it possible to experience far more than on a conventional itinerary — without sacrificing comfort and convenience. Guests on A&K’s privately chartered jet bypass long customs and security lines, arrive in remote destinations that larger airlines don’t serve and come and go on a timetable dictated by the itinerary – not an airline’s convenience.

This journey around the world embodies what makes private jet travel so rewarding: the utmost in convenience, luxury and inspiring insider access experiences.

Colombia | Colonial Grace (3 nights)

Discover the colonial architecture of Cartagena and enjoy a lively dinner in the historic city center. Get a taste of daily life at a street market for A&K guests with local cuisine, crafts and entertainment. Fly by private jet to Bogotá and see the incomparable collections at the Gold and Botero Museums.

Easter Island | The Lost World (1 night)

Walk along “the way of the moai” for a close-up view of the iconic statues. Relax atop a dormant volcano for an unforgettable sunset, then enjoy a performance by native dance troupe.

French Polynesia | Unspoiled Islands (3 nights)

On Rangiroa, the quintessential South Pacific paradise, choose from an enticing array of activities: visit a pearl farm, dive in the countries best diving spots, watch local fishermen at work and enjoy a freshly-caught lunch on the beach -- or snorkel in clear blue waters filled with brilliant tropical fish.

Solomon Islands | Tropical Traditions (1 night)

Spend time with local villagers for a glimpse into their daily lives. Witness demonstrations of traditional island skills and a bride-price ceremony - a custom still observed today using traditional shell money.

Philippines | Amazing Encounters (3 nights)

Travel along the Abatan River to experience the rural heart of the region. Visit the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary, home to one of the world’s smallest, and rarest, primates. Swim with whale sharks, the world’s largest fish. Hear a children’s choir and meet the performers.

Mongolia | Land of Nomads (3 nights)

Attend an exclusive presentation of the Naadam Games, which trace their origins to Genghis Khan. Sleep in a traditional (but comfortable) ger camp and stargaze with an astronomer. Visit the Flaming Cliffs with a paleontologist to see dinosaur eggs. View artwork from the private collections of famous Mongolian artists.

Uzbekistan | Legacy of Tamerlane (3 nights)

Explore Tashkent, once a center of commerce along the Silk Road, then travel to Samarkand, one of the world’s oldest cities. Enjoy a private pipe organ concert and a culinary demonstration. Learn graceful calligraphy with a local master and gather for a private, open-air gala dinner in Registan Square.

Russia | City of the Tsar (3 nights)

Meet with a Russian TV presenter to discuss the current political situation. Enjoy a classical concert at the Hermitage after it closes to the public. Attend a private opera and ballet recital in the newly restored Shuvalov Palace, including its Fabergé Museum – opened exclusively for A&K guests.

Greenland | Midnight Sun (2 nights)

Embark on an evening cruise into an icy fjord to see glaciers glowing under the midnight sun. Set out on an aquatic safari to search for humpback whales. Visit a local hunting and fishing settlement to learn about their daily lives.

To learn more about Around the World with Geoffrey Kent by Private Jet: The Tropics to the Arctic (26 days, from $135,000 per person, double occupancy) or Around the World by Private Jet: Islands, Savannas & the Amazon (26 days from $117,000), contact your travel professional, go to or call 800 554 7094 to speak to an A&K Travel Consultant.