The Ultimate Coco Chanel Travel Experience

The Ultimate Coco Chanel Travel Experience

Red Savannah, a luxury travel company, is launching a new series called “In The Footsteps Of….” and will be debuting itineraries of well-known figures, the first being Coco Chanel. As Chanel No.5 celebrates its 102nd anniversary this year, Red Savannah invites fashion enthusiasts, history lovers and admirers of Coco Chanel to experience their new itinerary – In the Footsteps of Coco Chanel. The experience follows the remarkable life of one of fashion's most iconic figures.

This unique journey tracks the tale of Coco’s transition from orphan to couturier through the highs and lows of the 20th century, highlighting the innovative role she played in the revolution of women’s clothing in the luxury fashion industry.

The highlights of this itinerary include:

Visit the location of the house of Chanel's most iconic runway shows

Experience the chateau where Coco spent her summers. The home is said to have inspired the famed Chanel logo

Discover the south of France and stay in the same location where Coco vacationed throughout the 1920s and 1930s

Explore Deauville where Chanel opened her first boutique

Take tea at Chanel's favorite café

Stay on the Rue Cambon, just steps from the original Parisian Chanel boutique, where Coco popularized the chic striped mariniere sweater for women

Stroll through the halls of the famed hotel that Chanel called home

Attend a polo match or races at Deauville's famed racecourse, beloved by Normandy's 'haute-société’.

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