The Ultimate Guide To Creating Your Luxury Organic Bedroom

The Ultimate Guide To Creating Your Luxury Organic Bedroom

Sleeping is extremely important to have a healthy life. Getting enough quality sleep will help you look fresh as well as improve your physical and mental health. According to the NHLBI, adults need seven to eight hours of sleep per day in a nice, quiet, cool, and darkroom. This means that you should not take sleep for granted, and you need to create a good sleeping environment in your bedroom.

One way of sleeping well is to make yourself an organic bedroom. Sounds weird? Well, it is not. You have heard everything about harsh pesticides in food. It is the same as the things you have in your bedroom. Also, organic cotton is much healthier for our planet Earth because it is produced and certified to organic agricultural standards, and it has environmental, social and economic benefits.

If you have decided to sleep healthier, we offer you tips on how to create the perfect organic bedroom.

Replace the Old Mattress and Furniture

In order to have an organic bedroom, the first step is to throw away the old mattress and furniture. You may hesitate because of the price, but when you think of all the chemicals and allergens contained in them, you will realize that it is a smart investment.

When you choose an organic mattress you will get an excellent product of high quality which is made from long-lasting and durable materials. On the market there are many types of organic mattresses, all you have to do is choose the one you like the most.

When it comes to furniture, get rid of the old one and buy something that is eco-friendly. Maybe this part of creating your perfect organic bedroom is pricey, but it is the most important one. So, choose smart.

Improve Air Quality

According to a study by the Association of Ambient Air Pollution, poor sleep may be connected to low air quality. People who live in areas that contain a lot of PM2.5 particles are more likely to have sleep problems such as sleep apnea. That is why you need to take care of the air you breathe. One way of making the air in your bedroom fresher and cleaner is by buying an air purifier that has a HEPA filtration. HEPA filters can get rid of almost every particle larger than two microns. Besides the air you breathe, it is important to take care of mold and mildew problems.

Go for Organic Bedding and Laundry

Just like organic mattresses, organic bedding and laundry are made with natural materials. If you have “wrinkle-resistant” bedding, or bedding dyed with dyes and inks you are putting your health at risk. This type of bedding contains dangerous chemicals and heavy metals that can affect your health. Also, chemical detergents you use for laundry are unhealthy as well. For instance, if your skin is sensitive, chemicals may cause skin problems.

On the other hand, organic bedding and laundry is something your skin and overall health will be thankful for. Choosing organic cotton means choosing a healthy life and good sleep.

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Air Purifying Plants

If you have ever wondered if plants are good for your bedroom, the answer is: absolutely. The reason is that plants are able to produce oxygen and to trap toxins inside their soil, leaves, and roots. One study says that the pineapple plant may put an end to snoring. This type of plant does not trap toxins, but it produces oxygen and improves air quality.

There is another plant that will get rid of the toxins in your bedroom, and it is named Devil’s Ivy. Of course, you can look up and choose the one you like the most out of many great plants. The good news is they are not expensive, so it is a good place to start with if you want to get an organic bedroom.

Eco-Friendly Rugs

Even though rugs are on your floor, they are equally important for creating an organic bedroom as bedding and mattress. Go for natural fibers like organic cotton, sisal, wool, and jute.

Be careful and pay attention to all the materials used for that rug because even safe materials may be treated in harsh chemicals. So, when you decide to buy an eco-friendly rug, you will have to do a lot of digging.

Organic Curtains

Yes, you should pay attention even to curtains. Did you know that the fabrics of curtains could be produced by many bad chemicals and take a lot of energy? The chemicals used for curtains are very bad for our planet and your family.

Here are some organic textile alternatives you can use: organic cotton, linen, hemp, organic silk (produced without killing the worms that spin the silk), a recycled polyester.

Candles, Essential Oils, and Tea

Creating a relaxing and calming atmosphere in your organic bedroom is something that will give you an incredibly peaceful finish. You can do this by using essential oils and lighting candles. The National Sleep Foundation recommends these four essential oils: lavender, vanilla, valerian, and jasmine. When it comes to candles, choose those that are scented with natural essential oils.

But, we are not done yet. What is a good night's sleep without a warm cup of tea? After a very long and exhausting day, the best way to prepare for bed is to get your favorite cup and pour yourself a hot tea. Healthline recommends these teas for a night of good sleep: chamomile, valerian root, lavender, lemon balm, passionflower, and magnolia bark.

Finally, make sure to keep your organic bedroom clean. According to Mayo Clinic, you should wash your bedding every week in hot water (at least 130 F) in order to kill dust mites. Also, make sure to clean the floor using non-toxic cleaners.

Following these tips will give you better sleep, a healthier life, and a much more positive vibe. When you are done decorating your perfect organic bedroom, you will be impatient to jump into your bed and get a few Zs.