The Ultimate Apps for Luxury Travel

The Ultimate Apps for Luxury Travel

Want to book a yacht while visiting Côte d’Azur? Or, have an expert chauffeur drive you around the streets of Milan? Or, do you want a luxury travel guide with a list of the hottest hotels, restaurants, and art galleries?

If your answer was a resounding ‘YES!’, here are the ultimate apps you need to have if you’re determined to travel in ultimate luxury.

1.   Louis Vuitton City Guide

Because, of course, Louis Vuitton would have its own luxury guide.

While it started as a hard copy guide, the guides have been digitized on an app and are now even more accessible than ever. Currently, the app has guides for 32 cities, including luxury destinations like Singapore, London, and Amsterdam.

As expected, each LV City Guide features high-end recommendations for restaurants, hotels, and artsy activities. What’s great, though, is that the app also shares hidden gems from locals that tourists might not know.

Each guide also spotlights shopping destinations and boutiques stocking local designers and creators. Every few months, LV will update the list of destinations, so you’re only getting the best recommendations each time.

The Louis Vuitton City Guide is free to download and available for both Android and iOS.

2.   Wheely

With Wheely, you can expect to be treated like royalty when you travel. The Wheely app allows you to hire a private chauffeur to drive you around in a luxury vehicle. All drivers must wear suits and have questions they’re required to ask passengers to ensure the best experience.

The chauffeurs are equipped with umbrellas to walk you door to door.

Wheely is free to download and is available for Android and iOS.

3.   A VPN

If you’re concerned about your privacy while traveling, consider getting yourself a virtual private network (VPN) app. With a VPN, your internet connection and online activities remain private and away from prying eyes; this is especially helpful when traveling and you need to access sensitive information like bank statements and personal data.

The ExpressVPN app is a great tool to have in your arsenal. The app is easy to use, and protection is just a tap away.

ExpressVPN is free to download and is available for both Android and iOS.

4.   GetMyBoat

Want to charter your very own boat? With GetMyBoat, you can make your nautical dreams come true. Whether it’s a catamaran, a 50-foot yacht, or a speed boat, you can book it all with GetMyBoat. Plus, there are multiple locations worldwide you could choose from.

You could also use the app to charter boats for parties and events. Luxury boat party, anyone?

GetMyBoat is free to download and is available for both Android and iOS.

5.   LoungeBuddy

Everyone loves a good airport lounge, and with LoungeBuddy, you can book and access the best private lounges worldwide.

The app lets you see if you already qualify for access to specific lounges based on your credit card details and which lounges require payment. While gaining access to a lounge isn’t always necessary, it’s a great luxury when you’re tired and just want a place to rest.

LoungeBuddy is free to download and is available for both Android and iOS.

6.   The Michelin Guide

This app is for all the foodies out there. With the Michelin Guide, you’ll receive restaurants recommendations for all sorts of budgets, whether it’s Michelin-starred bistros, Bib Gourmand spots, or Michelin Plates.

The app features over 20,000 restaurants, complete with photos of recommended dishes and interiors of the restaurants.

The Michelin Guide is free to download and is available for both Android and iOS.

Now that you’ve got the insider scoop on the best apps to download for your travels, you’re all set!