My Special Book: The Ultimate Souvenir for the Luxury Traveler

My Special Book: The Ultimate Souvenir for the Luxury Traveler
My Special Book is a company uniquely catering to the lovers of luxury travel who desire to preserve their precious memories of experiences abroad. My Special Book is the ultimate in souvenirs.

A family run international business, My Special Book creates and publishes personalized high-end books and documentaries that serve as timeless souvenirs, capturing memories in a detailed and creative way and providing a product like nothing else on the market. The production process is all tailor-made to clients' needs, so prices can range between $15,000-$50,000 for one book.

This is truly a luxury item that makes a perfect milestone birthday or anniversary gift, family history heirloom or a book preserving a recent trip the way it ought to be remembered in years to come.

My Special Book founders Eduardo Zemborain and Vicky Randle-Zemborain have both previously worked as architects for over two decades, and are passionate about preserving family stories, trips and memories for their clients.

What separates My Special Book from similar products is the high quality and professionalism behind each preserved story they create. It is not merely a collection of blurry pictures from your iPhone, but a professionally researched, produced and published book, a concept developed by two people who are passionate about travel and luxury design.

One of Vicky and Eduardo's first ever clients was a man who took ten of his closest friends on an Arctic expedition for his 60th birthday. Tasked to create a rare and unique printed souvenir from the trip, the My Special Book team worked to compile photos, interviews and journal entries of the expedition and designed their research into a luxury book worthy of the extraordinary travel memory it was preserving.

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