The Ultimate Tour of Italy: By Ferrari

The Ultimate Tour of Italy: By Ferrari
The scenery majestically passes by as the dulcet tone of your Ferrari engine introduces you to passers by in the most beautiful villages you are ever likely to see.

With that in mind, Passeport Ltd. is now introducing its new offering: 'Ferrari Tours'. The concept first came to light as one of their ultra-VIP clients asked them to produce an exciting trip to Tuscany marrying luxury cars and the best the region could offer. A brand new Ferrari 430 was delivered to them and a special tour designed that would mix exciting driving roads, luxury hotels, unique events and special dinners. A new concept was born.

All Ferrari tours they design are unique and completely bespoke. They always work to include some inimitable events but the emphasis is always on the interests of the clients. In Italy they organize anything from special cooking classes to private visits of fashion houses, from chef-guided market tours to cocktails in private collector's homes.

Their itineraries are designed to ensure that you see Italy in the most luxurious and exciting way possible. They will tailor-make every aspect of your trip from the hotels, visits, guides and cars to unique local events and restaurants. The thrill of the car is only part of the tour, the emphasis is always on the 'behind the scenes', whether that is an after-hour visit to a famous museum or dinner with royalty.

Their car portfolio currently includes the Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari California, Ferrari 430 Spider, Ferrari Scuderia, Ferrari 599 GTB and a whole host of other supercars. Should you wish to try something different they can also provide anything from a Mercedes SLS to an Aston Martin DBS.

They can provide and deliver everything from a fully bespoke itinerary to a straight car rental and anything else in between. You can see some examples on their site: