The Ultimate Travel Tips to Enjoy the Luxuries of Ibiza Island

The Ultimate Travel Tips to Enjoy the Luxuries of Ibiza Island

Breathtaking nature, stunning beaches and lots of fun are some of the words used to describe the incredible Balearic island Ibiza. It is definitely worth visiting with much more to explore, from magnificent sandy beaches to world-class nightlife that will ignite your social self. More epic gems hidden in the island will give you a unique vacationing experience in one of the best islands. Here are some hints to make your vacation in Ibiza worthwhile.

The best time to visit

Ibiza is a sister island to the luxury islands of Mallorca and Menorca in the Mediterranean sea, so it is a luxury destination worth exploring. The climate is typically the Mediterranean, so expect mild to hot weather throughout the year.

June, July and August make the best months for luxury travel to the island with long warm days, pleasant water temperatures if you are interested in boat hire in Ibiza. Of course, it is the high season so you should expect more tourism and activities then. On the other hand, if you like to take it easy and don't mind cooler temperatures, you can visit in autumn and spring.


Posh holiday villas in Ibiza are the elements that define the luxurious island. There are many of them to explore depending on the type of holiday you look forward to. Even though many travelers think about hotels when it comes to vacationing, private villas have more to offer than you can imagine. Thanks to, you don’t have to spend your luxury travel sharing amenities with some strangers.

From a private swimming pool to various amenities, ample space to better views, more privacy to healthier dietary options, holiday villas provide the perfect package for a luxury vacation with great value for your money. Plus,there are child friendly villas in Ibiza, making them ideal for family vacations.

What and where to eat

The island features a wide range of culinary treats, including regular Spanish dishes. Hearty stews, fresh fish, lobster, tapas, and other seas foods are some of the delicacies to enjoy. Must try dishes include Sofrit Pagès, Bullit de Piex and Ensaïmadas. Some of the best restaurants for the gourmands include Casita Ibiza in the lively streets of San Antonio, Wild Beets in Santa Gertrudis, and Babylon Beach in Santa Eulalia. Find the best VIP tables in Ibiza.

Hidden gems to discover

There is so much to unravel and explore on the island, starting with Eivissa, the capital city of Ibiza. It features photogenic alleys, lots of shops, restaurants, bars and thousands of years of history. Eivissa is such a versatile city spreading a lot of glamour and history on the luxurious island in the Balearic sea. The cathedra towers serve as one of the island's landmarks, giving you a magnificent view of the city and the sea.

Other places to explore are:

  • The village of Sant Agustí des Vedrà entices the hearts of many with its stunning stone buildings and simplicity of life.
    • The southeast of the island hosts the biggest traditional hippie markets where you can find everything you need from robes to jewelry, handmade goods to thrifts and plenty of souvenirs to take home.
    • Do not miss the island’s sunset from the famous café del mar, also known for its chillout music. Interestingly, you get to sip your favourite cocktail, eagerly awaiting the magnificent sight of the sunset.
    • The beautiful Cala Saladeta cove is a secluded but breathtaking beach worth a visit. You can swim over from the neighbouring Cala Salada to access the beach or hike across the rocks, which is absolutely worth the sweat.
    • Another hideaway to discover is the hidden island of Espalmador, which is only a ferry away from Ibiza, with beaches bordering the edges and mudbaths covering the center.
    • If you love hiking, you can ditch the flip-flops and trek along the coastal trail at Las Salinas salt flats to Cap Des Falco, but at sunset, when the weather is mild and the evening is most picturesque.

Discover the nightlife

Your vacation is not over without a night of partying. The island is known for its world-class parties, with new places, events, and rebrandings taking place now and then. Depending on the music you like, you just have to pop over to one of the venues and experience the night of your life.

Ibiza offers a perfect combination of beautiful beaches, sunsets, vibrant nightlife and plenty of history to explore, making your luxury vacation one of a kind.