The Ultimate Wellness Retreat at Mystique in Santorini

The Ultimate Wellness Retreat at Mystique in Santorini

Perched on the Caldera cliffs of Santorini, Mystique is continuing their partnership with OPO, a wellness and technology studio, for a second season. OPO has enhanced the serene surroundings of Mystique to create a new immersive mind and body programme of bespoke meditation sessions and nutritional guidance in the form of a new menu co-created by Mystique’s Head Chef, Olivier Campanha and Nutritional Therapist, Eve Kalink. Accessed via a one touch app, this new programme is aimed at helping to improve and build the mind and gut’s integral connection, whilst guests relax in the Greek haven surrounded by the deep blue Aegean Sea. 

Inspired by the tranquillity of the resort and the growing desire of wellness when traveling, Kanava Hotels & Resorts Founders, Kalia & Antonis Eliopoulos have always endeavoured to ensure that their guests are completely relaxed and immersed in their resorts’ surroundings, which aligns perfectly with Chris Connors, OPOs’ Co-Founder, who has facilitated this through the form of meditation. 

Kalia and Chris are constantly evolving the offering to focus on how to live a more relaxed and active life as we move through the circadian rhythm of the day to focus on improving the human’s mind and gut connection, which has been proven to be intrinsically linked. Guests can join the OPO journey into sound and mindful exploration that is offered by daily meditation programmes, allowing guests to connect with the captivating surroundings that Mystique provides. 

Chris Connors has said that he is “delighted to continue the OPO partnership with Kanava Hotels & Resorts to bring unique wellness to the serene setting of Mystique in Santorini”. Kalia mirrors this excitement stating “We constantly encourage guests to explore our destinations mindfully, disconnect and embrace the Cycladic slow-paced way of life to become completely relieved from stress. This is why we are overjoyed to have partnered with OPO, as we share the same values to achieve an eudaimonia state of mind.”

As part of OPO’s different sessions, the ‘Choose Your Journey’ meditation programme balances the physical, mental and emotional state of the mind, which is split between 6 sessions including Santorini Calling, Morning Rise, Daytime Chill, Evening Reflections, Night Sky and Memories of Santorini. These sessions aim to revive a wellness spirit within as they are supported by neutrally enhancing soundscapes, breathwork sessions and eyes-open techniques maintaining the principles of barefoot luxury on which the hotel was founded. There will also be separate 4-12 minute sessions for those who are new to meditation and eager to learn as well as  six inspiring podcast episodes focusing on the art of wellness. 

As part of this campaign, Kalia and Chris are also thrilled to have Eve Kalinik join the programme who has co-curated a menu with Mystique’s Head Chef, Olivier Campanha, in their signature restaurant, Lure. The new menu will provide dishes that focus entirely on the gut-brain connection and the importance of the gut microbiome. Examples of dishes include Asparagus, feta and pea frittata, Smoky tofu with carrot peanut curry and Beetroots, apple and courgette carpaccio, almonds, chives, caramelized cherry tomatoes, tomatoes confit rouille. All dishes have all been selected and inspired by Eve’s best-selling book, Happy Gut Happy Mind, to help guests rediscover how food can really make you feel brighter, lighter and full of vitality. 

OPO Founder Chris Connors and guest co-host Eve Kalink, will be traveling to Mystique from the 29th April - 2nd May, to perform this retreat in person to help guests discover the mind-gut connection and to help balance the body system. This two day retreat will delve into the practice of eating consciously and mindfully, and explore OPO meditations and sound baths which are designed for different times of the day and locations around the hotel.


Bookings are now open for stays starting from 8th of April 2022. Room rates at Mystique start from €550 per night, including breakfast.  

The process of experiencing the meditation sessions starts with the guests booking. Once guests book they will receive a QR code to upload to the phone.

‘Choose Your Journey’ sessions include:

  • Santorini Calling: A sound bath  in 3D to help soothe and  relax your senses. Use anytime to help you relax on your journey to Mystique. The spirit and energy of Santorini await…
  • Morning Rise: a guided meditation infused with 3D sounds that actively promotes greater brain activity and a release of serotonin that can be maintained throughout the rest of the day as the guest wakes up.
  • Daytime Chill: helps maintain a chilled vibe by listening to further calming sounds, tones and words during the day to keep in one’s best, most relaxed state.
  • Evening Reflections: this meditation allows decompression by reflecting on the day with appreciation. Deeper 3D sounds allow for greater melatonin release pre-sleep.
  • Night Sky: with the night sky lit up with bright stars in Santorini, this meditation is infused with sounds of stillness that give the guests that night time feel, ahead of them falling asleep.
  • Memories of Santorini: An evocative sound bath taking you right back to the essence of Santorini. Use it back home and let it fill you with good memories of your stay at Mystique. 

‘Learn How To Meditation’ sessions include:

  • 4 minutes: begins by holding their attention to breath and body. Being present in the mind but not being swayed by it.
  • 6 minutes: allows to build up practice by adding more breath work and holding attention still for longer.
  • 9 minutes: this session gives time for mindful body scan and added breath work.
  • 12 minutes: longer session which allows guests to fully scan their body in motion and attitude with breath exercises.

Eating Well At Mystique include:

  • Dedicated menu available to all hotel guests throughout the season 
  • Four trips from nutritional therapist Eve Kalinik for how a healthy guy can support a healthy mind.

Podcast Spotlight sessions include: 

  • Power Hour by Chris Connors: podcast on all things meditation, and how wellness is essential as we transition into everyday life 
  • Feel-Good Habits by Eve Kalinik: Eve returns to the podcast to share her feel-good habits, the strategies she uses and the recommendations to make sure every day is a good day 
  • Dr. Matthew Walker: The Science & Practice of Perfecting Your Sleep - Dr. Matthew Walker discusses the biology of sleep, including its various stages and what specifically happens to those stages when we don’t get enough sleep.
  • Why Ice Water Immersion And Your Breath Is The Key To Health And Happiness: Benefits of cold therapy and what happens to our body when we’re exposed to extreme cold conditions. 
  • GOLSHIFTEH FARAHANI: FARAHANI takes a closer look into the cultures, diaspora, languages, and frequencies that course through her, turning her life.
  • Living Life in the Present Moment with Chris Connors: How sensory meditation experiences work and the benefits of mindful observations from a leader in this space

Music: Food For The Soul include:

  • Sounds & songs curated for clarity and focus. Curated by OPO, this seasonally refreshed playlist collates the most immersive and inspiring tracks from artists around the world