The World's Most Exotic Railway Journeys

The World's Most Exotic Railway Journeys
Some of these, such as the Orient Express route from Paris to Istanbul, are historical and no longer possible as a single journey. For these, there are full details of how to trace the route today. Other journeys are included because of their stunning locations or the challenging nature of the track building, such as the Colombo to Kandy route in Sri Lanka or the line to Machu Picchu in Peru; others because of the access they provide to remote areas of the planet, such as the railway to the Arctic circle in Finland.

There are journeys to the Arctic and trips traversing whole countries. The descriptions tell of the logistics of the route, the historical reasons for its existence and the spectacular scenery to be viewed from the train window. Each journey is accompanied by a route map and illustrated with contemporary images.

Brian Solomon was editor of Pacific Rail news before becoming a freelance writer and photographer who has written over 50 books, including the best selling The World's Most Exotic Railway Journeys and whose work has appeared in numerous railway publications. He has traveled to ride and photograph railways in more than 30 nations around the world.

For this book he has brought together a team of expert contributors, all with firsthand experience of the journeys.

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