6 Things To Do In Australia's Jervis Bay

6 Things To Do In Australia's Jervis Bay

Having the opportunity to explore everything the world has to offer could leave you overwhelmed in the best way possible, especially for those with an unquenchable wanderlust buried inside their hearts. However, looking for the right ones might be challenging with so many places to go. But no matter what you find, Jervis Bay must stay up there as one of your must-visit places on your list.

What Is Jervis Bay?

Considered a diamond in the rough, Jervis Bay is located in New South Wales. There’s no need to grab a plane when you can drive there from Sydney in under three hours. It’s renowned for having one of the whitest sand beaches in the world. But aside from that, Jervis Bay has more in store, making it a great contender for one of the best places to visit in Australia for any family or tourist.

As a sneak peek, here are some things you can do in Jervis Bay:

  1. Marvel Over Aquatic Wildlife

Going to Jervis Bay without appreciating any of the wonders hiding in the watery depths is impossible. Because if you have a soft spot for nature – or you merely want to get in touch with Mother Nature – Jervis Bay might be just the place you’re looking for. From pods of bottle-nose dolphins to whales, all kinds of wildlife consider the bay home.

Under the locals’ care, the wildlife is protected from unsavory practices while educating the visitors about their preciousness. On a more lighthearted note, animal lovers will have the time of their lives once they find out they can spend time with these incredible creatures up close.

Book a dolphin-sightseeing cruise to watch them jump out of the water's surface in the sunset. For those who love whales, join a whale-watching tour and marvel over how magnificent these aquatic giants are as they migrate along the coastline. Although, if they’re not your cup of tea, you might be surprised to discover seals are swimming around the ocean.

  1. Immerse Yourself In Nature

Even though it’s mostly surrounded by water, Jervis Bay isn’t only for those who love spending time in the ocean. After all, its land is just as rich as its waters. Countless campgrounds are provided to make your camping trip a moment to remember. Moreover, most even come fully equipped with facilities, from lavatories to barbeque stations.

However, considering how crowded these campgrounds tend to be, it’s recommended you diverge from the public by camping at Cave Beach. Like a diamond in the rough, Cave Beach is one of Jervis Bay’s many beaches. Although, some might not consider it as aesthetically pleasing as Hyams Beach, given how rugged the place is. However, this is perfect for those who only wish to escape the bustle since it’s a remote beach.

For those who want to go completely natural, consider riding a bike as a mode of travel. After all, the towns at Jervis Bay are mostly small with little to no traffic, making it the perfect place for strolling or biking around. Huskisson is one of the must-visit places you need to see. Because aside from having Oyster Catcher Huskisson and other excellent lodgings, it’s a convenient hub for great food places and entertainment.

  1. Dive Into The Big Blue

As breathtaking as it is to witness aquatic life right before you, having the opportunity to dive in for a swim is a great way to cool down in the summer. Because aside from swimming, there are all sorts of activities you can do in the water.

From paddleboarding to kayaking, Jervis Bay most likely has what you’re looking for. And to bring this experience to the next level, there’s a high chance you might bump into seals or whales, so you can enjoy swimming together.

  1. Make Your Heart Pound

Going on a vacation is meant to be a memorable experience. While some find tranquility much more meaningful, others might consider the adrenaline rush sticking to them even better. After all, nothing can replace the thrill you’d get from a heart-pounding experience. Fortunately, Jervis Bay is full of intense activities.

Hiking is a great way to kick off your goal for the most exciting trip you’ve ever had, ideally in Gosangs Tunnel. The various landforms and natural rock formations they’d have to trek across make a hike a must-try for thrill seekers.

To travel to Gosangs Tunnel, you must head over to the Currarong area and start at Abraham’s Bosom Reserve. The coast there has a trail you can follow until you find the Mermaid’s Inlet and crawl through Gosangs Tunnel. There are hardly any plains when hiking there, so bringing children along with you is impossible.

Nonetheless, consider rock climbing for those still looking for something more intense. With so many rock formations across Jervis Bay, finding cliffs won’t be difficult. The Outer Tubes is a great spot to polish off your rock climbing, given how high up the cliff face is. Once you’ve had your fill of adventure, relax up at the Point Perpendicular Lighthouse and watch the coastline or catch some whales migrating.

  1. Discover Local History

Aside from having abundant thrills and relaxation, history lovers would thrive at Jervis Bay, considering how rich in history the place is. After all, Jervis Bay had a long maritime history, from boat building to whaling. Consider visiting the Jervis Bay Maritime Museum to appreciate local history. Further, you’ll get an up-close view of historic vessels, like the Lady Denman, and a thousand years’ history from Aboriginal groups.  

  1. Enjoy A Stroll At The Beach

To end your Jervis Bay trip on a high note, the highlight of any beach vacation is a relaxing walk across the beach. With the warm sand between your toes and small waves lapping at your feet, small details such as these are easy to overlook. Yet learning to appreciate them all, regardless, is the key to making your vacation worthwhile.

And it doesn’t hurt how many surprises the beaches at Jervis Bay have. Because aside from the gorgeous skies, you’ll find the water glowing once night falls. Thanks to bioluminescent plankton, all kinds of neon colors light up the beach, making your stroll at night all the more magical.


Although most of the world isn’t familiar with it, Jervis Bay is a treasure trove of beautiful sights given by Mother Nature. Nevertheless, considering only a few besides the locals are familiar with the place, little is known about it. But little did they know there were loads of things to do in Jervis Bay once they found out for themselves. Be it exciting or relaxing, they might have trouble keeping up with so many things to do in so little time.