This Year Give the Gift of Private Travel with Magellan Jets and IYC Yachts

This Year Give the Gift of Private Travel with Magellan Jets and IYC Yachts

This year, give the gift of purely private travel to safe havens with Magellan Jets and IYC Yachts. The premier private aviation company and the largest international yachting company together offer a gift the whole family will enjoy, that allows them to plan their next get-away together in a safe and relaxing manner.

Their 2020 gift includes a 10-hour Challenger 300/350 card with Magellan Jets and $50,000 in yacht charter credits with IYC. The card is available for purchase from November 1 through November 30, 2020 and these 10-hour card holders will still benefit from the 7.5% FET exemption through the CARES Act that waives the federal excise tax on private flights for the life of the card. The IYC credits are valid through December 31, 2025 and the total price starts at $117,280.

As one of the best-selling business jets on the market, the Bombardier Challenger 300/350 dominates the super midsize jet category with impressive range and exceptional fuel efficiency. Its big and roomy cabin offers passengers more than enough space to work or relax in the new year, and its outrageous performance will have the lucky gift recipient arriving at his or her destination in no time.

Choose from a range of world-class yachts from IYC. Each charter is completely bespoke, offering you the opportunity to travel the world in the utmost luxury, visiting some of the most beautiful places in the world. From the Bahamas to Fiji, the world is your oyster with IYC’s extensive charter fleet.

The unwavering commitment to each of their clients’ experiences, safety and security has been the basis of Magellan Jets and IYC’s partnership. With 12 offices in 9 countries, charter and sales consultants around the world, and a 24/7 support network, Magellan Jets and IYC will assist you in selecting the perfect jet and yacht for your next trip, wherever it may be.

To start your journey with Magellan Jets and IYC, click here or call 844-761-5387 and mention the 10-hour holiday gift.