Timbuktu Launches 'Do It Yourself' Safari Planning

Timbuktu Launches 'Do It Yourself' Safari Planning

Timbuktu, a travel planning startup based in Cape Town, South Africa, is officially launching in the US today, an interactive experience where travelers can fully customize their once-in-a-lifetime safari trips. Users have access to a selection of curated routes across Africa, allowing them to choose from multiple themes that fit their travel preferences, whether for a honeymoon, wine tasting excursion, a relaxing beach break and more. In addition, the traveler has access to hundreds of handpicked lodges from rustic luxury "glamping under the stars" to 4- and 5-star boutique hotels.

Once complete, the individually designed trip is sent to Timbuktu's on-the-ground concierge team who have expert knowledge of African tours and safaris to guide the traveler throughout the planning process making a safari dream trip into a reality.

"United States travelers are extremely tech savvy and very engaged in the 'DIY' planning process of booking a safari trip," says Johnny Prince, CEO and Co-Founder of Timbuktu. "Almost 50 percent of our current bookings are from the US so launching here was imminent and we're excited to be able to finally provide this service."

Additionally, Timbuktu is launching a new technology called "Routes," giving travelers access to a selection of handpicked routes by a travel concierge, showcasing favorite ways to explore Africa based on the company's on-the-ground safari experiences. Timbuktu has redesigned their trip-builder feature by adding innovative filters, making it easier to find lodge availability in real time, as well as varying locations based on personal style and budget.

"Our new live availability technology instantly shows the traveler how busy the accommodations will be on preferred travel dates and if a deposit should be put down to secure their favourite choices," says Prince. "Saving travelers time, money, and giving them a wide array of choices along with having 24/7 assistance is a big priority for us."

The company is seeing safari bookings from guests across the US, especially in California, New York and Texas. According to Timbuktu, the most traveled safari destinations from the US are Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania and Botswana. Ultimately, Timbuktu aims to expand from an interactive planning tool to a highly regarded resource of Africa travel information through their curated travel guides with restaurant recommendations, packing tips, and their favorite African experiences.