Tips For Effective Business Travel

Tips For Effective Business Travel

Summer has come to an end so the usual exodus by leisure vacationers for far shores has come to an end and it is now time for professionals of all types to embark on the annual round of frenetic business travel.

However, this year things are going to be even more stressful than any time in the last decade. Geopolitical events and the ever-present threat of airport closures due to the global pandemic, as well as airport closures due to security concerns are going to ramp up the stress levels of what is already a stressful annual travel experience.

Stress is not conducive to a successful round of business interactions. It adds to the strain - and promotes fatigue. And that sense of exhaustion can last for long after the professional travel experience has come to an end.

The good news is that business travelers can cut down on the stress - all that it takes is some planning. By taking heed of these tips any business traveler can be at their best when they land for that all-important meeting and when they return home.

Stick with the tried and proven - and that means that wherever possible you should be using the same airline. You become familiar with departure and arrival terminals - so there isn't that added stress of trying to negotiate unfamiliar territory. You know where the departure lounge is, you're familiar with the parking facilities and your trip is going to reward with a bundle of frequent flyer miles, as well as preferential treatment in the lounge.

Save your energy and achieve peace of mind. Keep a separate set of toiletries on hand for that business trip. You'll know that you have everything that you need when you arrive at your destination - no more panic attacks over missing shaving cream, Just be sure that everything is filled and ready to go before departing for the airport (you don't want to be paying for essentials once you enter the terminal).

You've done this before. you know that there are certain items that are prohibited. Make sure that you stay up to date - check The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) website before leaving. It may be more than just razor blades or other sharp items. The full list is here - and there's also a tool that will allow you to create your unique travel checklist.

Your Smart device is one of your most valuable assets. Make sure that your phone and laptop are fully charged before leaving home. The last thing you want to do is be fighting for the right to use a wall outlet. If you can snag a power outlet - charge up.

Make sure you stay presentable. A change of clothing in your travel bag is a great idea. Spills happen en route. Even if it's just a quick hop make sure that you have a change of clothing. Accidents happen.

Simplify your life. Check-in online. It's a simple and quick way to reduce your time waiting at the check-in counter - and the reduction in stress is well worth the effort.

Make use of technology. There are apps like Passbook (iPhone) that will allow you to have all the details about the trip on hand with the flick of a finger. Flight details, hotel, and car reservations, and much more are there in an easy-to-use format. Use to keep on top of work and what is going on back at the office.

Make security passage easier. you know they're going to ask you to remove your belt and your shoes - and anything metallic. Plan ahead. Slip-on shoes are great and carry your belt in your carry-on luggage. Add a tie and some leather shoes and you have just made your life much less stressful.

Sit back and relax. A business class lounge is worth every penny - and your credit card will often gain you entry. Help yourself to some complimentary snacks, make those last-minute calls (don't forget to charge your devices), and up your productivity in the time you might otherwise be idle.

Be internationally savvy. If you are going to be traveling internationally make sure you have your passport and arrange for that all-important visa. Your credit card is essential - but always get hold of some foreign currency prior to leaving - you never know when you might need it. Arrange for transport to and from the departure and arrival airport. Make sure that you make appropriate arrangements to ensure you get to that meeting well ahead of schedule. Shuttles are great - a reliable taxi service can save you time. Lastly, make sure that you have contact details for the Canadian Embassy or Consular Services in your destination country.