Tips for Enjoying the Beaches of the Amalfi Coast

Tips for Enjoying the Beaches of the Amalfi Coast
Make an effort and get up early in the morning because on almost all the beaches of the Amalfi Coast the sun goes away in the early afternoon.

Home in Italy recommends the Arienzo and Laruito beaches in Positano, Furore and Punta Campanella (although they are not equipped beaches), the Baia of Ieranto (reachable only on foot!).

Nerano Beaches

Nerano is a fishing village near Sant'Agata sui due Golfi. Here you can find good restaurants on the beach where you can taste the famous spaghetti with courgette.

Marina del Cantone is the main bay of Nerano, a wide beach, with free areas, equipped beach resorts and restaurants. Exposure to the south and mountains protecting the bay from the wind, make it possible to enjoy sunny days from March to late October. The water is always clear and pleasant.

Not to miss: all the beachfront restaurants feature the local specialty spaghetti alla Nerano on their menus, a dish created here based on pasta, courgette, and cheese. The original version is said to have been first served at the Da Mariagrazia restaurant, but it is excellent no matter where you sample it. It may not be lightest of lunches, but it's worth the sacrifice!

From Marina del Cantone a short 10 minute walk leads to Recommone bay. This gorgeous little bay, perfectly sheltered from the wind, is home to the Conca del Sogno, restaurant and bathing establishment. The bay also has two caves: the Grotta di Recommone and the Grotta dei Pescatori, both of which offer a wonderfully cool refuge in the hottest hours of the day.

How to get to Marina del Cantone:

By car: from Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi take the road to Nerano. There are a number of car parks in the vicinity of the beach. You can expect to pay about 10 euro for a day's parking.

By public transport: the Sita coach company operates buses from Sorrento to Sant'Agata – Nerano. In the summer, boat connections are available from Sorrento, Positano and Capri.

Ieranto beach is located at the end of the footpath which, from Nerano, heads towards the point where the Amalfi Coast meets the Sorrentine peninsula. Situated on the eastern side of Punta Campanella, the place was considered so sacred by the Ancient Greeks that they erected a temple here. The Ancient Romans used the temple as a house of worship dedicated to the Goddess Minerva. The footpath, which starts in Nerano, is approx. 2 kilometers long and takes just over an hour to complete. The uphill return journey (not to be undertaken during the hot central hours of the day) takes considerably longer. The beach is situated in a little cove directly opposite the island of Capri's legendary Faraglioni.

How to get to Ieranto bay:

By car: in Nerano, close to the start of Via Ieranto, you'll find a small car park, where you can pay to leave your vehicle.
By public transport: the Sita coach company operates a bus service from Sorrento to Nerano. Ieranto bay is situated inside the protected marine park of Punta Campanella. The only boats allowed to sail inside the park's borders are those belonging to the Sant'Antonino cooperative; these depart from Nerano.

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