6 Tips For Planning The Ultimate Australian Family Holiday

6 Tips For Planning The Ultimate Australian Family Holiday

Australia is a land of spectacular beaches, rainforests, museums, and just about every amusement that one can fathom. It is a perfect vacation destination for a family and here are some tips to plan the ultimate amazing Australian family holiday.

Know The Best Accommodation

Accommodation is an essential part of traveling with a family especially one with kids. If you are living the backpacking lifestyle you can stay anywhere but if you are traveling with a family you need to be sure you are meeting their requirements and also your budget. Do some timely research so you can get the best rates for whichever accommodation option you choose. Australia is known for its abundance of camping sites and caravan spots. Camping is educational and exciting for children and it offers a lot of entertainment even on a budget.

If camping is not part of your itinerary then find a hotel or cabin that offers facilities like swimming pools or an arcade so you can get some relaxation and still have your children reasonably entertained and busy during the day. Scheduled tours are also a great idea for those traveling with family.

Be Prepared For In-Flight Drama 

As any parent will tell you, children get bored and unmanageable on long flights. If you are traveling with kids, make sure you bring entertainment options and pre-packaged snacks for them to enjoy so they are not constantly creating a ruckus. Download movies and games on a tablet to keep them occupied.

A Survival Kit

Australia is the great down under and if you are interested in making the most of what nature has to offer there, you need to pack a basic survival kit especially when traveling with family. Consider medical supplies like antiseptic, Band-Aids, stomach medicine, painkillers, and then specific medicines if any of your children have special needs. Keeping mosquito and bug repellent (especially if you intend to hike) can prove invaluable. Sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum protection is also a must for everyone as Australia does get a lot of sun.

Special camping and hiking wear, as well as swimwear, is very important especially for children as they can get their clothes untidy very quickly and laundry costs an arm and a leg in most hotels unless you have rented an Airbnb. If you have planned some sophisticated activities having a little black dress or any kind of relevant formal attire will also help and rental services like dress hire Melbourne mean you don’t need to shop for expensive clothes.

The Weather Counts

While you may consider yourself a ‘go with the flow’ easy-going person, it is harder to travel with kids because they can get sick or uncomfortable more easily than adults. For that reason, you may want to consider what each season in Australia has to offer and what would suit your family the most. Visiting areas like Queensland is great for spring and summer but tropical weather changes and cyclones are also a concern for coastal areas. Many great sites in the outback can easily reach over 40 degrees Celsius and that means heat stroke, dehydration, or fever for young children especially if they are not taken care of properly. Areas like Tasmania can become freezing cold during winters so choose a seasonal medium that allows for comfortable sightseeing and activities. While ticket prices change seasonally, international travel typically does not allow traveling with a temporary paper license so you will have to check if your passport is renewed before you travel.

Pack in the Attractions

When you are in Australia you want to pack in as many attractions as possible during your time there. The Great Barrier Reef, the several beautiful national parks, and the uber-modern capital cities like Uluru all have a lot to offer in terms of experience and joy and your children will remember this trip for years to come! It is worthwhile to note that about 70% of Australia is simply the wilderness and the natural expanse of the outback so make sure your children loved trekking and camping as much as you do.

The Theme Park Capital

The Gold Coast is the place to be if you are traveling with kids because it hosts a plethora of attractions from beaches, tourist sites, and a plain gorgeous hinterland as far as the eye can see. The Seaworld Resort has all the marine life you’d love for your kids to see and Dreamworld offers the best of adrenaline-pumping amusement rides. Tiger Island is also great for families and WhiteWater world has water slides and games that everyone will enjoy. For lovers of movies, the Hollywood movie world is a singularly great attraction.