Tips for Planning the Ultimate Luxury Yacht Holiday

Tips for Planning the Ultimate Luxury Yacht Holiday

We all need to get away from time to time. In fact, 93% of us believe that holidays improve our wellbeing and mental health according to ABTA’s latest travel report. And for the most exciting, relaxing and memorable experience, there’s no better way to do it than by yacht!

Just imagine sailing through blue, warm waters with your favorite people in the world, anchoring in secluded coves or bustling towns as you wish. Pulling off a successful yacht holiday takes a little work, however, especially if you have specific goals and tastes.

You might be planning a surprise romantic getaway or an exciting family adventure. Whatever the case, here are some essential steps for making your dream yacht holiday a reality!

Start early

First things first, it plays to start planning yacht adventures early. Yacht charters in popular spots can get booked up long in advance, becoming more expensive nearer departure while offering reduced choice and flexibility.

This makes it imperative to get your group organized and on the same wavelength. Make sure to discuss the budget, preferred destinations and activities and possible dates. With a clearer idea of your needs, you’ll narrow down your choices and make the next steps easier.

Research charter companies and yacht types

Next, start researching yacht charter companies to understand their availability, services, fees and policies. Consult their websites and social media profiles and read reviews to confirm their credentials. Choosing an experienced, reputable company should ensure your experience is plain sailing!

Be aware that yacht companies can offer different charter packages to cater to different travelers. For example, some provide all-inclusive packages covering meals, drinks and activities, which can prove ideal for families and large groups seeking a carefree experience.

Choose a destination that fits your needs

Choosing where to go on your yacht adventure can be the most exciting yet most difficult step. Think about convenience in terms of reaching the departure point as well as the type of experience you’re seeking after setting sail.

For example, you may want to revel in the exclusive party locations of the Mediterranean such as Ibiza and Mykonos. Or perhaps secluded spots in Sicily or Croatia hold more appeal for your group?

Make a flexible itinerary

With a charter route in mind, next you’ll want to make a list of the activities and experiences you desire both onboard and inland. That could include diving or fishing excursions or visits to specific beaches or restaurants.

Whatever the case, your charter company will be able to make arrangements for you. Just be prepared to build in some flexibility in case the weather turns against you.

Learn yachting etiquette

Yachting is, first and foremost, great fun. But it’s important to follow certain rules and codes when out on the open water so that you don’t run into difficulty.

This includes following instructions from your captain as needed, respecting other yachts and abiding by local regulations. Also, try to be pleasant and polite with your crew. You’ll be spending lots of time with them in close quarters!

Be direct in communication

Finally, a key tip for getting exactly what you want out of a yacht holiday is communicating clearly. Don’t be afraid to ask for exactly what you want, whether it’s specific cuisines or activities or certain changes once your trip begins.

Your charter company should be able to accommodate your requests and needs to deliver the best experience possible!

Planning a yacht holiday might seem intimidating at first. But with these practical steps in mind, you’re all set to enjoy a memorable time at sea!