5 Tips for Traveling With Your Dog for the First Time

5 Tips for Traveling With Your Dog for the First Time

Traveling with your dog seems like a dream, right? Seeing all the beautiful destinations together, socializing with new people, and, most importantly, you'll never be alone. Traveling with your dog also saves you the anxiety of leaving them behind.

Many dog owners assume that traveling with their furry friends is difficult or impossible. Some assume it requires truckloads of patience and money. However, all you need to do is research and plan. Here are helpful tips for traveling with your dog for the first time.

Visit a Vet Before You Travel

You’ll need official documents from your vet all through your trip. They contain your dog’s vaccination details, microchip details, and information regarding their overall health. In addition, a trip to the vet assures you that your dog is safe to travel.

During your vet appointment, specify how long you will be traveling. The vet may offer prescriptions to keep your dog calm the whole way.

Make Copies of Related Documents

If you plan on traveling internationally or crossing borders, consider making copies of all your pet-related documents. Keep their health records, as you may need to prove your dog is vaccinated and in good health.

You may keep the originals or copies depending on the officials you encounter. If you visit a vet abroad, you must provide your dog's medical history.

You’d be safe to keep a few copies of all your dog-related documents at all times. Keep printed copies in your day bag and virtual copies on your phone.

Consider Steps if You Think Your Dog Will Be Anxious

Signs of nervousness and anxiety in your dog include a lowered head, whimpering, and excessive barking.

CBD oil can help your dog relax and stay calm all through your flight. It works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which maintains the health of various critical regulatory systems.

The interaction of CBD oil and ECS helps fight inflammation, energy imbalance, and anxiety. Get your CBD from reputable providers like Honest Paws. Ensure they have many quality reviews of CBD oil for dogs.

Get an Airline-Compliant Dog Carrier

If you are flying with your dog, you must get a carrier that complies with your airline's specifications. Pay attention to the dimensions and all the technical specifications. Usually, your dog carrier will need to meet the following requirements:

  • It should be well-ventilated and leak-proof
  • Your dog should remain in the carrier all through your flight
  • The dimensions should allow your dog to lie down, turn around, and stand up. No part of their body should stick outside the carrier.

While these are general rules, specific details may vary from one airline to another. Train your dog to get used to its carrier a few weeks before traveling. That way, you can minimize their anxiety while flying.

Book a Dog-Friendly Hotel

Get dog-friendly accommodation options. Do not book a hotel before making sure they are pet-friendly. Some may offer a flat pet fee or unique pet packages. Usually, the packages include cleaning services and other perks.

If you will be doing activities that aren't dog-friendly, find out if you can leave your dog in the hotel. While some hotels don't allow this, others may require you to leave them in a crate. Many pet-friendly hotels are okay with you leaving a dog alone if it isn't loud or destructive.

Traveling with your dog isn't the impossible task you might assume it to be. With the above tips, it is not only possible but also a fun and fulfilling experience. Do your research and plan based on your dog’s needs.