Tips to Get the Best Car Rental Deals

Tips to Get the Best Car Rental Deals

Car rental deals are often hard to come by, but it depends on where you are looking. With a shortage of cars during the holiday season, it is often difficult to get good car rental deals. To get a good deal, you need to start looking on time.

For instance, one of the best car rental tips is to book your trips before the scheduled date to avoid a hike in prices. To learn more about getting the best car rental deals, read this piece.

5 ways to get the best car rental deals

Getting the best car deals is not as difficult as it seems if you do it correctly. Check out these tips below:

Compare rates

Don't book a car rental until you have compared the various rates available from multiple companies. Sometimes, car rental companies offer discounts depending on the location and the time when you want to use the vehicle. Look out for special deals before you book a car rental.

Don't rent a car close to the airport

Most often, renting a car at the airport is more expensive than renting from another location. To get a clear picture, compare the rental rates of car rentals at the airport with those in other areas.

The only disadvantage of renting cars from other locations is the time it may take to get to the airport to pick you up. Nevertheless, you can book a few minutes before your scheduled landing time. Also, you can still rent a car Malaga airport taxi at an affordable price if you reach out to the right company.

Avoid upgrades

Most often, when you want to rent a luxury car, you will be offered several upgrades. You will be offered promotions like GPS tracking, toll passes, etc. It is very tempting to accept these upgrades because they seem to make your movement more comfortable. Don't accept these upgrades, as they would cost more.

Pay for the car rental upfront

Look for car rentals that offer discounts when you pay for the car during the booking process instead of when you pick it up. Even this discount is rare, but if you look correctly, you will find a car rental that offers it. Also, car rentals offer discounts when you book two or one day ahead of when you actually want to pick up the car.

Pump your own cars

One of the prevalent policies of car rental companies is for users to return the rental with a full tank of gas or pay exorbitant rates for defaulting. Filling the tank with gas before you return the car is cheaper, but you may end up paying crazy fees.

Final Thoughts

Using a car rental is good, especially when you are a visitor in a strange land. Most car rental services have a driver attached to them. Always ensure that the driver drives carefully so that it doesn't damage the car. Finally, you need to stay away from airport taxis because their fare is usually costly. However, do review of a car rental company before you rent a luxury car hire in Malaga.