7 Tips to Plan Your Luxurious Destination Wedding

7 Tips to Plan Your Luxurious Destination Wedding

A whimsical tale of love and friendship, an awe-inspiring set up of your vibrancy, your magical walk down the aisle as you make your way towards your chosen one.

These are some of the visuals that immediately crop up in our mind when we hear the word wedding. But you often find yourselves immersed in a facade of mood boards and travel guides.

So, how does one plan their dream destination wedding while being miles away from their home–certainly on the other side of the country or a far-flung locale?

Read along to discover the unconventional yet crucial tips to help you plan your dream wedding- as it takes work. From location to vendors and tailored bride's dresses to tailored wedding suits for men, we have tried to address your top concerns.

#Tip 1: Start EARLY!

The first and foremost step is to get together and finalize your union as a couple. Everything- location, events, seasons- can only be decided upon after.

Do you wish it to be on a beautiful beach, an elite ceremony, or an intimate celebration with your loved ones? You have to decide upon the integral theme of your D-day to narrow down your location options, budget-wise. Professionals advise that couples should keep a buffer of 6-9 months between the date they decide to get married and the actual date of the marriage.

All said, start planning your wedding early to include everything you wish for.

#Tip 2: Plan your budget as per the conversion rates

Spending off-the-track is quite common, especially when planning a destination wedding. Your budget should be accordingly prepared and discussed with your planner. All travel costs, extra luggage, accommodations, and potential sightseeing for the family should be considered.

Always consider the conversion rates in your selected destination, as it is continually in flux, affecting the budget and payments. Keep in mind the timing when planning the budget for your destination wedding.

#Tip 3: Wedding dress essentials:

One of your top considerations is how you will carry your wedding gown or tailored wedding suit to your preferred destination. When wedding gowns are elaborate with detailed trails, they are harder to move, but on the contrary, slim-fitting dresses are more accessible to carry in garment bags.

Talking about the groom, tailored wedding suits for men should be your pick. You cannot go wrong with a wedding suit made just for you. The fit and feel is perfect. Before it is folded to carry, you must have worn and customized it until you were convinced.

#Tip 4: Relinquish control like a Diva!

You need to enjoy your D-Day; for that, you need to give up control and not freak out regarding the details. Having a local wedding planner is crucial in such situations. They are the ones who will have the final say in decisions in case you are preoccupied with other concerns. Local wedding planners are responsible for getting whatever you think the destination has to offer in the first place.

#Tip 5: Prioritize your guests' comfort:

When you spend so much on flights, gifts, decor, outfits, and everything you want at your wedding, consider how much your friends and family will need to pay to see your wedding. Keep your guests in the loop and inform them regarding the destination wedding at least a year before.

Those who cannot make it to your wedding due to financial reasons, timing, etc, should congratulate you with a small reception party. Local reception parties are the best and take off the guilt of people who could not attend your elaborate wedding.

#Tip 6: Visit in advance:

It is ideal to visit your venue once before making a reservation and once more to confirm details three or four months before the wedding. Arrive at least five days ahead of time to make those judgments and schedule hair and makeup trials if a second trip isn't feasible.

# Tip 7: Meet with your vendors:

Make appointments with your location's more reputable rental companies and florists before your initial site visit. Asking your venue for recommendations might help you find local talent you were unaware of and save some money. If you are bringing planners from home, be prepared to pay for their accommodations and airfare. It's imperative to book a tidy, secure hotel within half an hour of your event.

Negotiate these costs in advance to prevent things from getting out of hand.


—Enjoy your BIG DAY!!

This luxurious destination will be a blast only because you and your fiance' thought about it. The most important thing is to enjoy every moment of it, no matter how much you plan or how much you can accomplish. That makes it a day (or week) unlike any other, so enjoy the meal, dance all night, and belt out your favorite Journey song!