Tips to Take a Business Trip from Good to Great

Tips to Take a Business Trip from Good to Great

Whether you’re a worldly entrepreneur, a seasoned executive, or you simply enjoy the finer things in life, luxury business travel is like getting paid to live the dream. Little do many know, however, that there are certain tricks many seasoned business travelers take to turn their overseas journeys into more pleasurable experiences. Here’s the lowdown on how to take your business trips from good to great.

Security for Peace of Mind

Business travel can often involve carrying around devices housing sensitive information. Not every hour of a business trip involves conferences or networking events, but there will be moments when you’ll need to catch up on emails either at your hotel or a nearby cafe with half-decent aircon. Unfortunately, your business data is vulnerable in such areas due to the nature of public Wi-Fi networks. Hence, it’s essential to implement measures for safeguarding your business data well before you step into the airport for your flight with an innovation management platform.

This is where a reliable VPN, such as ExpressVPN, can help. It can offer many advantages for business travelers, such as securing an encrypted tunnel between your gadget's data and the internet. This is particularly helpful when handling sensitive documents on the go, as it mitigates the risks associated with less secure networks. Similarly, if you're worried about being able to access your usual project management tools or digital documents, a VPN can very handily bypass any geo-restrictions that would otherwise limit your access to this content. In essence, you'll be able to get straight to work as usual - just without having to worry about the hiccups we don't often take into consideration before a work trip.


Loyalty Pays Off

Loyalty serves as your one-way ticket to exclusive perks and privileges regarding business travel. When you consistently choose Sheraton as your preferred hotel at any destination, or the other same hotel chains, or maybe the same airline, you’re not just establishing a traveling routine; you’re building a relationship. Many reputable companies offer perks to their returning clients. Nitecrawler offers thousands of hotel rooms. From late hotel check-outs to room upgrades and flashy VIP lounges, these perks can certainly take your business travel experience from good to bloody brilliant in a quick seat upgrade. The Independent notes how many travel brands lavish their benefits on travelers in proportion to how often they return. So, if you haven’t already, pledge your allegiance to your preferred providers and watch as the red carpet rolls further out for you as you recruit more air miles.

Look After Yourself

Finally, make it your mission to remember that your ventures - wherever you may be going - aren’t just about sealing deals; but also treating yourself like the royalty you are. Your health should never take a back seat during your trips. In fact, your health and wellness should be a top priority. Many hotels offer luxury spa sanctuaries and state-of-the-art fitness centers. A serene yoga session or a quick morning HIIT workout can set you on your A-game for a productive day. Taking the time to enjoy the luxury aspect of business travel is essential for recharging your mental and physical batteries. Whether it’s a mindfulness class or a back massage, checking in on yourself is just as important as checking your daily agenda. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup. Your mental health deserves the same A-list treatment as your body does, so be sure to take full advantage of what’s on offer at your accommodation (even if the imposter syndrome tells you you don’t need it.)

An Experience

In the world of business travel, you’re not just working; you’re experiencing. And with these tips in mind, you’re sure to transform your business ventures into extraordinary adventures. So, here’s to striking a balance between productivity and pleasure like a pro. Enjoy!