Tips to Throw a Flawless Mocktail Party

Tips to Throw a Flawless Mocktail Party

A party without alcohol? Sounds boring? No worries, you can spice up your party and drink the same by improvising your favorite cocktail recipes and leaving out the booze. You can always plan your party how you like it, whether you leave out the alcohol from the start or spin your cocktails to refreshing mocktails. No matter what you opt for, you will finish up with a nice mocktail that's ideal for poolside drinking. Let’s get started with some amazing tips and tricks to style up a flawless mocktail party.

  1. Bring Out your Finest Glasses

Unless you are aiming for a rustic theme for your party, be sure to skip the plastic cups and bring out your finest wine glasses. While bubbly drinks look magnificent in champagne flutes, colorful rainbow drinks take the limelight in your shining polished glassware. Make sure to bring attention to your mocktails before your guests start sipping on them.

  1. Go All Out with Cubes

Go all out when styling your mocktails! Talk yourself out from using bags of ice for your drinks. Instead, get a couple of amusing silicone trays. If you want to be creative and play with them, you can freeze your drinks in different shapes. You have the liberty to mix up your drinks with different flavorful ice cubes. Go for amazing frozen edible fruits and flowers in your cubes for an attractive display.

  1. Be Creative with Fruits and Herbs

The thing about mocktails is the fact that they are handcrafted! You make the drinks with a new mix and flavor. You can always surprise your guests by improvising the famous cocktail drinks. For instance, take your favorite Baby Yoda Cocktail! You can add fresh ingredients like herbs and different fruits to your green kiwi drink to garnish your drink. Of course, leave out the booze!

  1. Stir the Syrup

Traditionally, syrup adds the extra sweetness you need to your food, but here we are going to tell you how with the help of some simple tips, you can improvise your recipe to have flavorful syrups. The recipe is quite simple. Start with the usual. Take your water and sugar for your syrup. Boil these up, add the special ingredients of your liking while waiting for the sugar to melt. Wait for it to cool to get your syrup. Now your syrup lasts long enough in the fridge.

  1. Mix Savory Flavors

If you are arranging your own party, you must have your kitchen cupboards filled with an interesting combination of herbs. Bitters is one of the understated herbs that can take your fruity juices to another level. If you find your guests enthusiastic for traces of alcohol in their drinks, you will find them loving this improvisation. Bitters are simply a subtle way of adding a touch of cider vinegar. A dash of cider vinegar spices almost elevates every dish. Additionally, you can also go for a seed lip, filling in the void for cocktails.

  1. Shake the Shake

Your job does not end until you know how to shake it well. Take your fruity drinks and pour them into a shaker. Make sure you have it filled with a good amount of ice. Tighten the top before shaking it like Shakira! Afterward, pour your drink into one of your glassware.

  1. Finesse with Club Soda

We have talked about recreating the cocktail drinks to your liking, minus the alcohol. So now, let us talk about a great alternative to your mocktails for alcohol. The word is Club Soda! Yes, instead of going for the extra lime and juice in your cocktail recipe, top the drink with club soda. Club soda not only comes with a delicate mineral taste but also adds the right touch of effervescence to your drink.

  1. Get Creative with Straws and Swizzles

One of the beauties of a mocktail party is the tangling straws and swizzles you get with your drinks. Now, how boring would it be to sip your colorful drinks from straight straws? This is where you get to be extra creative! There are different types of straws to choose from. Whether you go for a paper straw or squiggly ones, you can surely add more fun than you think. There is always more to do if you explore. For slower drinks, go for swizzle sticks. Try rainbows of colors for your straws.

  1. Ready for Extras

One more useful tip is to always make more than you need. It is only a matter of time that your guests go wild on the drinks and savor them all. Fill up your drums with delicious drinks to serve your happy guests. The more, the better is the rule here!

  1. Be the Party Planner

Here are some extra tips for you to be the best party planner to set you apart from the rest. The most important part of a party is the guest list. Make sure you know who to invite. Upon finalizing the guests’ list, align your methods of crafting your drinks. Definitely, a longer guest list requires batching your recipes; a smaller guest list will do with individual drinks. Of course, do not forget to have some good music to set the mood. Pair it up with appetizers for your hungry guests. There you go, you have the best mocktail party.

We all are quite enthusiastic about a good party with mocktails. When you think of a mocktail party, it is the drinks, music, and theme that occupies your mind the most. So no more stressing out over perfect mocktail recipes; just follow our guide and exceed the expectations of your guests.