Top 10 Celebrity Change Makers to Inspire Your Next Adventure

Top 10 Celebrity Change Makers to Inspire Your Next Adventure

While some celebrities are known for reckless behavior and scandals written for tabloids, others are working to change the world and collect more than Oscars with their award-winning actions. From Ted Danson’s actions to bring ocean conservation into the spotlight to Meghan Markle’s pre-Duchess adventures with Botswana’s wildlife, celebrities are inspiring adventurers to travel more responsibility.

As a leading tour operator of responsible travel, Exodus Travels has over 44 years of expertise in small group and self-guided hiking, cycling, cultural and responsible wildlife adventures that encourage travelers to follow in the footsteps of their favorite do-gooder celebrities.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio
Responsible Travel Style: Wildlife Protection / Environment
Catch him if you can, Leo's efforts to protect our planet and advocate for wildlife conservation and environmental policies is worth an Oscar win in itself. Offering diverse wildlife adventures with responsible tourism always in mind, Exodus has plenty of experiences for nature lovers to choose from. There’s no need to enter someone else’s dream, be as bold as DiCaprio on the Borneo Wildlife Discoverer and explore one of the most biodiverse places on the planet.

2. Meghan Markle
Responsible Travel Style: Responsible Wildlife
Girl gone royal, hasn’t stopped Meghan Markle from heading into the wild. It’s no wonder Botswana’s emblematic wildlife and captivating wilderness deserves its own throne for sparking the romance between Prince Harry and the now Duchess of Sussex, a destination they returned to just before tying the knot. No matter if you consider yourself royalty or a hardcore nature lover, Exodus’ Wildlife & Wilderness of Botswana gets travelers closer to Africa’s most incredible wildlife in a newsworthy yet ethical style.

3. Chris Hemsworth
Responsible Travel Style: Plastic Awareness

Australia’s action-star Chris Hemsworth has spent a huge part of his life on the water and taking his own action to combat the negative impact of plastic in the ocean. The Galapagos recently banned travelers from bringing in single-use plastic to the islands, an adventure that’s sure to be high up there on Hemsworth’s bucket list. Get behind the cause, leave behind your single-use plastics and discover a Taste of Galapagos with Exodus.

4. Jackie Chan
Responsible Travel Style: Empowering Youth

Jackie Chan doesn’t just kick butt when it comes to pulling off martial arts stunts, he’s also known for combatting poverty and empowering youth. From visiting kids in Yangon, Myanmar as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador to donating a large portion of his earnings to charity, it’s no wonder Hong Kong’s cheeky and lovable film star can’t be defeated. Exodus Travels is no stranger to kicking it into high gear when it comes to empowering youth, they’re committed to sending disadvantaged children from all around the world on exciting, educational day trips with The Inspiration Project.

5. Ted Danson
Responsible Travel Style: Ocean Conservation

On and off-screen, Ted Danson knows a thing or two about good deeds and making the world a better place. An advocate for ocean conservation, Ted co-authored an educational book and serves on the Board of Directors for Oceana. Travelers can make waves like Danson by heading to the mecca of sustainable tourism in Costa Rica with Exodus Travels. Sandwiched between two oceans, say Cheers! to encountering Green turtles on stunning beaches in a responsible manner, sure to send you to The Good Place.

6. Kate Hudson
Responsible Travel Style: Humanitarian / World Hunger

Set on ruling the world with more than her infectious smile, actress Kate Hudson has lent her talents to help combat world hunger. She’s traveled to Cambodia to visit schools and where the funds raised by Watch Hunger Stop enable the United Nations World Food Programme to feed children, so they receive the nutrition they need to grow and to finish their education. Discover why Hudson is set on helping youth thrive on Exodus’ Cambodia Adventure, unveiling its diversity and captivating history.

7. Don Cheadle
Responsible Travel Style: Humanitarian / Responsible Wildlife

Don Cheadle is Captain Planet. Best known for his academy award performance in Hotel Rwanda, the down to earth actor’s captivating performance brought global awareness to the genocide in Rwanda. Since then he’s been on a long-time mission to put an end to the conflict. One of Hollywood’s most driven humanitarians, Cheadle is also a wildlife lover who once had the privilege of naming two Rwandan gorillas. Travelers can do like Don and get up-close endangered Mountain gorillas on Exodus’ Gorillas & Masai Mara.

8. Matt Damon
Responsible Travel Style: Water Conservation

Always on the hunt for good will, Matt Damon is passionate about water. As the co-founder of Damon can be found globetrotting around the world, from Peru to Indonesia ensuring communities across the globe have access to safe water and sanitation. Travelers can make a splash and support the economy of these rural communities on Exodus’ Inca Trail & the Amazon Rainforest

9. Demi Lovato
Responsible Travel Style: Humanitarian

Whether she’s sorry or not sorry, Demi Lovato is a dedicated philanthropist that has traveled to Kenya multiple times to spend time with women in the area and push for economic development. Exodus Travels is no stranger to supporting local women in East African communities and travelers can follow in Lovato’s footsteps on a Classic Kenya 4WD Safari.

10. Ewan McGregor
Responsible Travel Style: Humanitarian / Medical

The king of the road and off-the-beaten path adventures, Ewan McGregor has rode his motorcycle 20,000-miles across 12 countries in just 115 days, following routes through India and Nepal on a mission to deliver vaccines to some of the world’s most remote regions. Travelers can head off on their own journey to lesser-known destinations while In Search of the Snow Leopard among the isolated Himalayan Buddhist communities, for a rare chance to see one of the world’s most elusive mammals.

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