Top 10 Travel Safety Tips From Ex-CIA Officer and Shark Tank Winner

Top 10 Travel Safety Tips From Ex-CIA Officer and Shark Tank Winner
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Hanson has traveled the world and provides his 2016 Safety Summer Travel Safety Tips. We would be delighted to set up a conversation with you and Hanson to delve deeper into how Americans can keep themselves and their families safe this Summer, especially with all of the upheaval in different parts of the world.


1) If planning a trip overseas, visit the U.S. State Department website and research the country you will visit. The site alerts you (by country) to any security threats and provides phone numbers of the U.S. embassies and consulates.

2) Prior to traveling, scan all travel documents onto a secure flash drive (Iron Key Flash Drive) that will self-destruct after 10 incorrect password attempts.

• Driver License
• Passport – Also memorize your passport number
• Travel Insurance Information
• Hotel Reservations
• Airline Reservations
• Family Emergency Phone Numbers
• U.S. Embassy Address and Phone Number
• Carry the flash drive on you at all times in case the paper documents are ever lost or stolen.

3) In a secure wallet such as a Shacke Pocket Vault, carry your money and credit cards. Do not carry a travel wallet around your neck or purse as criminals can easily cut or yank them off. Instead, carry a wallet inside your pants or secured to your leg. Another great option is the Escape & Evasion Belt (, where you can hide money and gear in case of an emergency.

4) Don't discuss your travel plans on an airplane, cruise ship or anywhere where people can overhear anything you say.

5) When checking into a hotel, ask for two keys, even if you are alone. Potential criminals watching you check in will assume there is more than one person staying in the room making you a less attractive target. Additionally, request a room above the third floor of the hotel. Criminals will usually break into rooms on the lower floors of a hotel.

6) Purchase a doorstopper alarm and place it inside your hotel room door. They are inexpensive, very loud and will scare off any intruder immediately. You should never travel without one.

7) When overseas always respect the customs of the country you are visiting. For example, don't wear a brightly colored t-shirt or cowboy boots that indicate where you are from. You don't want to stand out as an American.

8) Research current scams and crimes indigenous to the country you are visiting. For example, some airports are known for criminals asking you to watch their luggage and then come back, claim you stole it from them and attempt to extort money from you. Or, someone might stop you on a street with the pretense of taking a survey. While you are distracted, their partner pickpockets you.

9) Only accept a taxi your hotel has arranged for you. Criminals can pose as taxi drivers and then drive you to an isolated location to rob you. Many also try to take a longer route than necessary so they can make more money. Study your route ahead of time and make sure the cab driver follows your instructions.

10) Never discuss your trip on social media until you arrive back home. If someone follows you on social media and you are talking about how excited you are to see the Mona Lisa, then a criminal will know you are out of the country and may burglarize your home.