Top 15 Attractions at Disney World

Top 15 Attractions at Disney World

The first thing I'll say is that compiling this list is not as easy as it sounds. I probably instantly knew the top four or five, but once I got beyond that, there was a lot of agonizing involved to fill the rest of the spaces. As for putting them into some form of order, that was probably the toughest challenge going. It's something worth trying for yourself, as it certainly makes you think!

Without further ado, let's start on the list itself.

Wonderful World of Animation

The show is broken into topics such as magical, romance, villains and adventure. And there's Disney mash-up magical during ‘Wonderful World of Animation”. For instance, visitors hear the waltz-like "Once Upon a Dream" from "Sleeping Beauty" while watching Wall-E and Eve twist around. Tramp and lady and Tarzan and Jane and Hercules and Meg and many others are nearby.

Disney's Skyliner

Art of Animation Resorts and Disney's Pop Century are destinations of the Disney Skyliner which is a Transportation System that cycles. Both of these resort share a mind boggling station that appears to be floating, matching the colorful, whimsical atmosphere that they exemplify. The gondola travels across the resorts with a breathtaking view of the vibrant character exhibits. hotels and Hourglass Lake.

Pixar Meet-And-Greets

As we reported earlier this season, the Incredibles are now in house over at Pixar Place just adjacent to the new Toy Story Land Area of Hollywood Studios theme park. Where you have the chance to visit with her Super-Suit Gallery to see some of the latest superhero creations edna Mode is available daily to meet up with guests. You will also need to stick around because the Parr Family will host a dance party featuring songs, interactive games and much more! Pixar Place was changed to a Municiberg city cube to the occasion. But the Incredibles pleasure is simply occurring through September 30, 2019.

Mickey & Minnie's Surprise Celebration

With regard to Minnie and Mickey Mouse Surprise Celebration, Walt Disney World is celebrating new costumes to the iconic duo! Shake It! MousekeDance It! Street Party in Magic Kingdom. In this informative article, we'll share photos and ideas from Surprise Celebration's introduction.

Mickey Mouse's crisp white suit includes a shower of confetti a puff-sleeve dress adorned with a bubble skirt and pompoms. One of our buddies called these outfits Minnie & Mickey's Wonder Bread Wardrobe, and I will never not associate the styles.

Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy

Disney's Hollywood Studios has been given a new flavor of Cars Land at last with a brand-new series in Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy, helmed by the speed racer that is famous. Employing familiar and displays faces from Radiator Springs, the new offering offer a meet-and-greet using Cruz Ramirez onsite, as well as will bring the Pixar trilogy to life.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Partially because it's the only attraction to feature my beloved donkey Eeyore, but also because it's just so much fun. Who could resist bouncing around with Tigger?! For me, it was lovely to see that silly little old bear ‘Winnie the Pooh’ and his friends finally enjoying some much deserved recognition with their own fun ride at the Magic Kingdom.

Disney's Animal Kingdom

In Animal Kingdom you will find the Maharajah Jungle Trek in Asia. I've always loved tigers, partially because they're my mother's favorite creatures, and I love being able to watch them sleeping or interacting with each other. The way they pace in the same circuits always fascinates me, as do the colours on their coats. I love the way you can linger here and take as much time as you want.

One Man's Dream

My top fifteen wouldn't be complete without the best tribute to Walt Disney himself anywhere and that's One Man's Dream. When this arrived at the then-Disney-MGM Studios, I was delighted to finally see the architect behind everything we love at Disney being honoured. Again, it's a pleasure to be able to linger in this attraction, taking your time and seeing every aspect of his life.

We've visited all but one of the parks so far and we head to the final one, which is Spaceship Earth, a perennial favorite from childhood visits to Walt Disney World. Despite the update a few years ago, which I know divided opinion, I still love this attraction and, for me, the Dame Judi Dench narration, added to it, nicely updating the ride with new scenes. I still never fail to marvel at the wonder of the creation of this giant golf ball, particularly when you get to the top of the ride and you look down on Planet Earth below.


Epcot theme park makes it and that's Soarin';. Ever since I first went on this ride, I've loved the feeling of, well soaring really above the scenes below! I've gained more appreciation for this ride, having now visited some of the places featured in California. There’s nothing more fun for us than seeing somewhere we’ve been to personally.

Magic Kingdom

This theme park is host to a variety of classic Disney rides and the Haunted Mansion definitely falls into that category. I don't think I'll ever get tired of going on this ride and meeting the 999 friendly spooks inside. Although we've visited Magic Kingdom so many times before, we still see new things and look at other scenes and wonder if they've changed since our last visit. That's the sign of a true Disney classic.

Test Track

I’m no thrill rider and that's why there are no coasters in my top ten, as they tend to terrify me, rather than thrill me! However, is something that can be considered something of a thrill ride, even if doesn't turn you upside down and that's Test Track. Ever since I first went on, very apprehensive about what awaited us, I loved this ride, with the circuit around the outside literally blowing me away! To this day, I always get a thrill from going on this and that's what thrill rides are all about really.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Another Disney classic, Pirates of the Caribbean. I’ve always loved this ride and even more so, since it inspired the movies and elements of those were added into it. The Davy Jones effect still fills me with wonder, each time I see it and the detail in some of the pillaging and destruction scenes are just like the Haunted Mansion, with me spotting new things every time we do this ride.

Kilimanjaro Safaris

Kilimanjaro Safaris is another one that I’ve always loved from the first time we rode it on our honeymoon. Where else in the world can you head out on an African safari, apart from Africa of course! I've never had any desire to go to Africa, as the injections needed put me off, but I've always wanted to go on safari, so for me, this ride gave me the chance to enjoy my dream with no sign of needles! Like any good ride, every single time you go on this, it changes completely, down to the wonderful array of animals you see. And, without exception, we always see so many animals and get so many great photos and make even more wonderful memories.

My last one can perhaps be regarded as a bit of a cheat, as it's not even listed as an attraction, but it's one that I love and adore and make sure to catch as many times as possible during any visit to Walt Disney World. It's also the one that reduces me to tears and, once I see it, I really know that I'm back home again, so how could it not be my top placed attraction? It's back to Epcot for their nightly spectacular, IllumiNations. I just love everything about this, from the fireworks, to the story, to the music, which is wonderfully uplifting. It's just a perfect way to end a day at Disney and a show that I could happily enjoy every single night and never tire of.

So that's my top fifteen from around Walt Disney World. What's yours? It's worth thinking about, because compiling this list may not be as easy as you think, but one thing's for sure, it will get you thinking about everything you love about the resort.


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