Top 3 Exotic Christmas Experiences in Africa

Top 3 Exotic Christmas Experiences in Africa
In the Southern Hemisphere, particularly in Africa, things are done a little differently. Think: exotic, adventurous experiences that encapsulate remote beaches, vast plains, and locals with an infectious exuberance for life.

Substitute the cold weather and shorter days for an enthralling, exotic adventure experience in Africa. Ker & Downey Africa, adventure specialists, present their top 3 exotic adventure experiences for a unique, warm-filled Christmas in Africa.

Spend Christmas underwater on Pemba Island

Literally. 13 feet below the ocean's surface. “The Green Island” forms part of the Zanzibar Archipelago and this largely uncharted island offers a thrilling experience that very few know about. It's not necessarily an experience for all, nor the faint-hearted.

The Mantra Resort offers adventurous travellers the very unique opportunity to sleep below the ocean's surface with the fish of a thriving coral reef.

Boasting Africa's first underwater accommodation, the underwater residence is complete with 3 decks. Enjoy an unforgettable Christmas dinner on a private deck and exclusively enjoy the African night sky before a sound sleep in the master bedroom submerged below the Indian Ocean. Spotlights below each window bring the creatures of the deep to life.

Dine amongst the Big 5 in Madikwe

For a truly magical Christmas experience, an adventure in the African bush never ceases to disappoint. For adventurous days and comfortable nights, South Africa's “lesser known” Madikwe Game Reserve is a perfect spot to spend time with loved ones in an unforgettable setting.

Exchange the snowflakes and fir trees for warm days and umbrella-shaped acacia trees. Searching for the Big 5, beating African drums throughout the evening, a daring night out in a hide and close-encounter bush walks may not be typical Christmas gift requests, but are experiences that will never be forgotten.

Gastronomic feasts, plentiful Amarula and lively celebrations await in the African bush over the festive season.

Feast with Masai Warriors

Change the playing field and try something foreign and completely unforgettable as you join a Masai tribe over the festive season. The Masai people live a semi-nomadic life throughout Kenya and parts of Tanzania. Known as tall and fierce warriors, these tribesman hold a wealth of knowledge about the land.

An adventure in its purest form. Immerse yourself in their age-old pastoral way of life as you visit and learn about the way of life in a Manyatta - a traditional, often temporary, Masai Village.

Learn how to craft and handle a bow, start a fire, and other skills that the Masai have passed down from generation to generation. Walk in the bush with the Warriors, learn the calls of nature, wear the iconic shuka and exchange stories, ideas, and values as you spend time with the Masai people.

A Christmas in Africa is definitely something to write home about. Visit for more.