Top 5 Hand-picked Heavenly Honeymoons from Exsus

Top 5 Hand-picked Heavenly Honeymoons from Exsus
Amalfi Coast & Capri

When it comes to iconic romantic holidays, Italy rules supreme. The Amalfi Coast, its rugged cliffs peppered with colourful medieval villages and lemon groves, is the perfect place for a luxury honeymoon. After visiting the picturesque towns of Praiano and Ravello, newlyweds can intensify their amore with a stay in the tranquil town of Anacapri on the small but glamorous island of Capri, favored by the Italians since the days of ancient Rome.

When to go: Spring and autumn, to avoid the summer heat and tourists.

Diving & Snorkeling in Malaysian Borneo

The wealth of wildlife in Malaysian Borneo is just as mesmerizing under water as it is on land. From encountering orangutans to swimming with whale sharks, this trip also includes romantic river journeys through mangroves, diving amongst shipwrecks and enjoying the ultimate castaway experience in a luxury rainforest hideaway.

When to go: April to September when the waters are at their clearest; from June tiny hatchling turtles can be spotted making their way back to sea.

Self-drive New Zealand's South Island

New Zealand has it all when it comes to awe-inspiring coastline, rugged beaches, estuaries, fiords and amazing wildlife encounters. For a nine-day adventure that can easily be expanded on, this New Zealand self-drive manages to showcase the country's scenic glory with plenty of time for R&R. Highlights include picnic lunches, spotting rare Yellow-eyed penguins, kayaking and sampling delicious Pinot Noir.

When to go: November to April, the New Zealand spring and summer season when Hector's dolphins can be found playing in the surf.

Honeymoon in Style in South Africa

Perfect for couples seeking a Cape escape, this self-drive itinerary begins in Cape Town exploring the spectacular scenery and cultural highlights of the ‘Mother City', before continuing along the best whale watching coast in the world, and on to the secluded safari lodges of the Eastern Cape.

When to go: The dry, hot summers, running from late October to early April, offer the best time to visit South Africa, while the crisp, clear days of autumn (April and May) offer optimum hiking weather.

Jungle, Culture & Diving in Belize and Guatemala

From plunging the depths of the ocean to meet the turtles, rays and whale sharks to trekking into the heart of the jungle to see jaguars, monkeys and Mayan ruins, this Caribbean adventure offers a truly wild start to married life. A horseback adventure at dawn and snorkeling off a deserted tropical island complete the picture.

When to go: November to May.

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