Top 5 Luxury Cruises in Europe

Top 5 Luxury Cruises in Europe
While a Western Mediterranean cruise travel itineraries usually consists of stops in the likes of Monaco and sunny Barcelona, Eastern Mediterranean cruises explore the rich history of Italy, Greece and Turkey. Adventure awaits! But, before you decide where to travel to soak up the sun on the top deck, check your e111 renewal, and read about the top 5 luxury cruises in Europe:

  1. Greek Islands Cruise

Why not cruise to Greece with Royal Caribbean? Despite the glistening blue water and magnificent views that will blow your mind, Greek cruises offer an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore island after island of rich history, tradition and culture. With a varied range of islands including Athens, Mykonos and Santorini, Greek cruises have so much to offer. From the best opportunity to see the natural beauty, to the unseen wonders of the country, you are sure to love the lively atmosphere and charm of the cobbled old towns, as well as time spent afloat on the water.

  1. 7-Night Mediterranean Cruise

With a 7-night Mediterranean cruise, you really do get the chance to explore the traditional warmth of Europe. Alongside days you will spend at sea, soaking up the sun by the pool, playing a round of mini-golf or getting involved in countless on-board physical and fun activities, you will visit the likes of Mareille, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Palermo and Rome before you return to Genoa.

  1. MSC Cruises

If a 7-night cruise around the Mediterranean isn’t enough for you, why not embark on a 14-night cruise full of your favorite fruit cocktails? If it’s family fun you’re after, opt for an MSC Cruise. There’s enough for everyone to enjoy, and with four good-sized pools to choose from on-board, you can enjoy the cool water against your skin without being bombarded by excitable children splashing their way through the sea of bodies. Plus, guests of the exclusive Yacht Club can enjoy the luxury of a private yacht, whilst still all of the other facilities a cruise ship can offer, complete with all-inclusive food and drinks. Did we mention that you can shop on-board?

  1. Ultimate Luxury In Amalfi

When we say the Amalfi Coast is the most spectacular in the Mediterranean, we mean it! And if you don’t believe us, just read what avid cruisers have to say. Though few cruise ships stop here, the Oceania does. If that isn’t enough to tempt you on board, Oceania Cruises is the largest luxury cruise line in the world, featuring the most exquisite cuisine, charming atmosphere and beautiful tile work. With the capacity of just 684 guests, you are sure to be pampered like a princess (or prince) on this luxurious cruise liner on one of six stylish ships, with the opportunity to discover the hidden gems of Europe at the same time.

  1. The Regent Explorer

Above them all, the Regent Seven Seas Explorer Cruise Ship is the most luxurious ship ever built. From a selection of fine wines and spirits to the best on-board gourmet restaurants serving quality cuisine, the Regent Explorer is a wonderfully decorated ship that offers entertainment and complete luxury. Instead of a confined cabin, you will be living in a spacious suite for the duration of your cruise, complete with stone and marble detailing and a bathroom fit for a King and Queen!

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