Top 5 Solid Beauty Products to Travel With: A Game Changer!

Top 5 Solid Beauty Products to Travel With: A Game Changer!

Are you going on a vacation? If yes, lucky you! A few things are exciting as the last three or two days leading up to your well-deserved tour other than the days you’ll actually spend on your memorable trip. You’ll easily pack your cute outfits for all activities you’ll engage in and stock up enough books to help you unwind and disconnect.

All that is fun until you start thinking about packing your cosmetics. After all, the authority has numerous guidelines on what you can or cannot carry, especially when it comes to cosmetics. The process of figuring out which of your nail polish, hair, makeup, and skincare products you should or shouldn’t pack is tedious and overwhelming.

According to the transport authority, you're required to have a quart-sized bag of aerosols, liquids, pastes, and gels in your carry-on bag. Additionally, these cosmetic products are restricted to travel-sized containers, which are 3.4 ounces. While you need to meet all these requirements to travel with your liquid cosmetics, you can carry any reasonable amount of your favorite conditioner bar or any other solid beauty product without any limitations.

Let’s discover all the solid cosmetics you can and can’t carry to enable you to have a memorable tour experience.


Does meeting authority requirements an overwhelming and tedious task, but still want to bring your beauty products on board? Solid skin care products like face cleanser bars and body lotion bars, among others, are the perfect option for you. These solid skincare products are easy to pack and occupy little space compared to their liquid counterparts.


Powder makeup cosmetic products are allowed to be packed in a carry-on bag. There is no limit or rule to this. Remember that any makeup product the authorities cannot identify can’t make it to the plane. You also need to ensure that your powdered makeup is scannable at the x-screen scanning point.

If the powder is over 350ml, you need to place it in separate bins. The scanning process takes the shortest possible time, and you'll be allowed to continue with your tour as long as your makeup cosmetic product is legal and meets the required standards.


Do you want to travel with your favorite conditioner, shampoo, leave-in treatment, or any other haircare product? Go for solid products. With a solid conditioner or shampoo, you’ll not need to fill travel-sized silicon containers with your liquid products or purchase existing travel-size versions. You only need to find a biodegradable material and wrap your solid shampoo or conditioner in and you're ready for your trip.

Body Care

Most liquid body washes and lotions come in different sizes, most of which exceed the 3.4-ounce limit. That means you must transfer your body care lotions or washes to smaller containers or purchase those packed in travel-sized and recommended bottles.

There is no need to stress yourself with liquid body care products. Solid-body lotions, soap bars, and more are available to enable you to travel with your favorites. Solid soap bars and body lotions are your travel saviors.


Perfumes are also available in solid form. You’ll easily find solid perfumes that can fit in your tiniest purse. They’ll save you the time to look for recommended containers you need to carry their liquid counterparts.

Solid perfumes are designed to meet the unique requirements of every traveler, so, you don't need to worry about finding a perfect match. Top-quality solid perfumes feature natural ingredients that are friendly to any skin type.

Solid beauty products offer not only the travel benefit but are also planet-friendly. They’re usually packed in biodegradable materials, making them plastic-free. Also, they contain natural ingredients sourced from plant and animal parts.

Traveling with solid cosmetics means you aren’t at risk of your conditioner bar or solid shampoo bursting and leaking over everything in your travel bag, which is a game changer!