Top 7 Luxury Travel Trends

Top 7 Luxury Travel Trends
Health and Wellness Travel

Interest in improving health and remaining physically active while on holiday has only continued to increase.

Special Interest Travel

Travel is deeply personal. Travelers more than ever can connect to a given destination by exploring their passions and interests.

Private Residences

In the spirit of living like a local, private residences and villas continue to increase in popularity, with top travel companies enhancing the design, amenities, and services of these offerings.

Catering to the Individual Traveler

As travel companies continue to perfect and enhance their offerings, this leaves travelers more discerning than ever – expecting and wanting more. No longer is it enough to merely travel to the latest, off-the-beaten path destinations; personalized travel is the new “luxury.” Experiences have to go deeper and appeal to personal interests. Tailor-made excursions continue to become de rigueur. Travel must also address certain desires and needs whether health allergies or food preferences. Companies are even changing their entire brand proposition to better support this trend.

"Culture Brought to Life" Experiences

Art, television, music and books have influenced travel for years, but never before like this. Travelers can now experience the place or time of their favorite artists or characters through exclusive access and unforgettable events.

Living Like a Local … Only Better

No one knows how to navigate the places of the world better than a local. City hotels are catering to guests' adventurous sides and providing them with authentic and localized experiences.

Destinations Making News … and Why the Time to Go is NOW

Destinations, like Brazil, for example, are starting to show why it is imperative to visit now. Brazil is the home of the 2014 World Cup and is on everyone's mind. Not only was Rio de Janeiro voted number six in the "Cities That Excite" list from Virtuoso's "2013 Travel Dreams Survey," but LATAM Airlines Group is announcing new routes to JFK and Miami by November. We also learned that the country is in the process of eliminating the requirement for US citizens to obtain a visa.