The Top Destinations To Visit in 2022: Where Will You Be Heading This Year?

The Top Destinations To Visit in 2022: Where Will You Be Heading This Year?

The last couple of years has seen a huge change in how we travel. Many countries worldwide closed their borders and enforced strict rules stopping us from visiting our desired holiday destinations. So, because of this, many of us put the thought of international travel to the back of our minds.

Now that the world’s borders are opening up, the question is, where should we go?

To help you make your travel plans, we present the 2022 destination hit list; here’s where we will be heading.

Destinations in Asia

Bangkok, Thailand - Bangkok has been welcoming tourists from every corner of the globe for decades now. With its rich culture, mouth-watering food, adventurous nightlife and awe-inspiring sights, it’s no wonder that we want to go back this year! Every type of traveler is welcome in Bangkok, from basic backpackers on a tight budget, to travelers looking for the highest class hotels.

Osaka, Japan - Nicknamed Japan’s street food capital, Osaka is a must-visit city with great nightlife, modern architecture and plenty of tourist activities to keep you busy. Its main attraction is the 16th-century shogunate Osaka Castle, which is open for visitors. However, if you are there for the food, you need to try the famous Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki dishes.

Destinations in Europe

Milan, Italy - Italy’s metropolis known for its high-class restaurants, top-end shops and sightseeing is not to be missed out on. Milan is a haven for fashion lovers as it’s home to Italy’s major fashion brands. If you are keen on immersing yourself in art and culture, then the city’s rich history and incredible landmarks will leave you either satisfied or hungry for more!

Split, Croatia - The second largest city in Croatia is dominated by Roman-era architecture and ruins. Split is a sightseer’s dream, with many walking tours available to soak in as many sights as possible. Visit the famous Palace of Diocletian ruins, become enchanted by Duje’s Cathedral or go back in time to the original Roman court, Peristil Square. If the culture doesn’t tickle your fancy - head to one of the many relaxing beaches and swim in the crystal clear water.

Destinations in North America

Austin, TX, USA - Austin is the perfect destination for those seeking an exciting and vibrant music scene. When a city is nicknamed the live music capital of the world, you have to immerse yourself in their country, blues and rock scene. Aside from the music, Austin also hosts some incredible parks and lakes, making it a popular destination for hikers, bikers, swimmers and boaters alike.

Cancún, Mexico - Cancún is the ideal destination for travelers after a well-deserved rest and break. With its stunning beaches, multiple resorts and amazing nightlife, it is where we will be kicking off our shoes and switching off in 2022.

Destinations in South America

Lima, Peru - Lima is Peru’s capital city and is full of rich history and incredible attractions. If you are keen for some unique sightseeing, then you cannot miss out on the Museo de la Nación, which displays a vast collection of pre-Columbian art, revealing a history spanning over 4,000 years. The city won’t leave you bored, with heaps of shops, fantastic restaurants and bustling nightlife.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - The city of Rio de Janeiro is no hidden gem! This famous seaside city is popular with locals and international tourists from around the world. Its extravagant festivals, excellent nightlife, stunning beaches and beautiful sights make this city a must-visit destination. And, of course, no trip to this bustling city is complete without a visit to the world-famous Christ the Redeemer statue.

So, where will 2022 take you? Whether you choose to explore the ruins in Peru, dance the night away in Texas or simply indulge and relax by the beach or pool in Cancún, this is the year to go. Finally, when going on your trip, ensure you are up to date with current travel restrictions on government or travel websites and book that trip of a lifetime - see you there!