Top Destinations Ultra Rich Will Travel to This Summer via Private Jet

Top Destinations Ultra Rich Will Travel to This Summer via Private Jet

The summer travel season is almost upon us and while most vacationers are road tripping to the nearest beach, UHNWI’s are flying in style to this year’s top private flight destinations. XOJET, a leader in on-demand private aviation recently pulled data on the most anticipated destinations UHNWI’s will be flying to this summer.

From Aspen to Nice, France the ultra-rich are traveling for festivals, business, relaxation and more. Below are the eight destinations UHNWI’s will be traveling to based on bookings and inquiries from XOJET:

• New York City: UHNWIs are flying into Teterboro just outside the city during the summer months, as they follow the circuit to the ever-popular Hamptons. Business elite also make use of the quick access into Manhattan for corporate meetings.

• Oakland: Tech moguls fly into the Bay Area for corporate engagements, while wine connoisseurs flock to nearby Napa, as August harvest time is popular for those who enjoy the full winemaking experience.

• Nice, France: For the ultra-rich, the French Riviera is the perfect spot for fine dining and elaborate hotel accommodations.

• Toronto: With the spike in the luxury real estate market, it’s no wonder UHNWs are flocking to Toronto to check-in on their additional real estate and relax during the summer months.

• Aspen: A skiing mecca during the winter months, the tony mountain resort town heats up again in June for the Aspen Food & Wine Classic as well the Aspen Ideas Festival, attracting dignitaries from around the world.

• Nantucket: Consistently a top summer destination in the UHNW travel circuit, the elite New England retreat draws wealthy travelers to enjoy its swanky retail, popular restaurants and pristine windblown beaches.

• San Jose: Popular with the car-loving superrich in late August with proximity to nearby Pebble Beach for the Concours d’Elegance auto show and auctions.

• Hamilton, Bermuda: With a large number of billionaire residents, it’s close proximity to the East Coast and the fact that there’s no income tax, the destination has become quite popular for the ultra-rich looking to pick up additional real estate for a summer escape