Top Ideas for Creative Vacation Photos

Top Ideas for Creative Vacation Photos

While on vacation, we try to take more colorful photos to show to friends and family after returning home. But, unfortunately, it often turns out that many photos are boring or similar. To surprise everyone not only with beautiful and luxurious places but also with a creative vision to potentially create an amazing photo album from your travels, take note of the ideas below.

Photo underwater

The surface of azure water looks great in photos, but many don’t even think about capturing what is under. Even if you don’t have special equipment for underwater shooting, many smartphones have aqua protection. Of course, you can’t explore the depths, but this isn’t needed because you can get beautiful photos without going far from the coast.

Combine what happens above and underwater in one pic. The water line should be in the middle of the frame or match the rule of thirds. Place the model or objects in the center of your photo.

vacation photo

Experiment with perspective and sizes

You have probably seen popular tourist photos where a person leans on the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, or holds the Egyptian pyramid in the palm of his hand. You can achieve this with the perspective – when one smaller object is in front and a large one is far back. So they turn the same size and create a comic effect.

Taking such photos with famous sights looks clichéd, but you shouldn’t discard this idea anyway. Turn on your imagination and create a scene to make large objects look small and vice versa. For example, a giant child and miniature parents on the beach; you and your friends surprised by a big cat on the streets of Paris, etc.

Make sure that foreign objects don’t destroy your story in the photo. Sometimes this is difficult to achieve because even a bird flying by can ruin everything. However, you can fix any defect with you can fix any defect with remove object from photo app which may come in handy for any photoshoot.

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“Follow me” photo

For several years now, photos of a girl leading a photographer along beautiful locations get a lot of likes on social networks. Travelers Murad and Natalia Osmann came up with this FollowMe concept, which has become a trend. Even though there are many similar pictures on the Internet, you can still use this idea and rethink it, add your unique view. The main thing is to preserve the essence: the model leads the viewer through new unknown places.

Fruits instead of clothes?

Another Instagram trend is fruits that cover part of the model’s body as if it was clothing. Create this effect with the perspective in the photo. A girl stands a few steps from the camera, while the photographer holds a triangular piece of watermelon, which looks like a dress. You don’t have to take only fruits. Photos with a burger or fried chicken wings will look comical. Flowers in the picture will add romance.

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Freezelight photo

A beautiful frame of a night city or a deserted beach can be enhanced with colorful freezelight drawings. To create an image you need at least two people: a photographer and a freezelighter (the person who draws). Use any small light source as your “brush.” Set a slow shutter speed so you have enough time to draw the picture that you have in your head.

Drawing with light is not as easy as it seems. Start with simple figures like a smile or a spiral that will look spectacular anyway. A luminous heart is perfect for a romantic photo shoot. Signing with this technique is difficult because you have to write words mirrored. Practice, and you will be able to perform any drawing.